Someone, Please: What in the World Was Charlize Theron Thinking?


I dig anything that shoots holes in celebrities and the myth that they’re smarter, better, prettier, or, in any way, superior to regular people. So, I gets down for TMZ on the daily; love the “celebrities without make-up” subgenre; but Go Fug Yourself is the celeb site that I most want, somehow, to get on TV and satellite.

It only took a few trips to the site for it to hit me: Celebrities dress really badly. I mean, we think they must dress really well, because they’re famous, they have a lot of money, and we often see them in pretty dresses.

But, take actors: For the most part, these people are bohemians, most comfortable in jeans and t-shirts. Whenever you see them on the red carpet, they’re the first to admit that they didn’t dress themselves.

Plus, when you think about it, at what are most credible actors good?


Exactly. And what goes with pretending?


So, in a way, it shouldn’t be surprising that Charlize Theron, a lovely woman, but, at heart, a farm girl, would think wearing an upside down chef’s hat, above, to the Paris opening of Hancock is a good idea. It’s dress up!

That, not to mention, even more, this Berlin number:

Bind me.

As Goofy would say, gorsh. Someday, someone’s going to admit that knees are the ugliest part of a woman’s body, and fashion is going to have a stroke. I’m betting that you’ll read it on Go Fug Yourself first.


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#1 Juliette on 06.25.08 at 1:19 am

bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

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