Television Scientifically Designed to Generate Mass Black Hysteria, High Blood Pressure, and Cardiac Arrest

“Happy Mother’s Day!”

Most parents, no doubt, were shocked by this outrageous moment on May 20th’s The Dr. Phil Show, above. It takes place at “The Dr. Phil House,” during their “Brat Camp” episode, when an agitated and frustrated 10-year-old, Noah, unexpectedly slaps his mom, Wendy, loudly, across her face.

Watching that, to paraphrase Star Wars, I felt a tremendous disturbance in the Force, as millions of Black mothers screamed bloody murder, gone into collective shock at the sight of a little child popping his own mom in the dome. Amend that: Popping mom, only to suffer naught but a speech. In fact, after assaulting her, Noah keeps yelling at Wendy, even telling her to shut up.


Do Black parents and white parents raise their children differently? As each episode of Everybody Hates Chris may indicate, Black people seem to think so, mostly holding that white parents indulge and coddle their children unnecessarily.

For example, remember the Media Assassin post on British mums still breast-feeding their elementary school-aged kids? Notice that there were no Black women in it? Many African-American females, I think, would see Noah’s Dr. Phil behavior as an outgrowth of similar supersolicitousness, albeit here gone painfully awry.

Mama don’t take no mess…So, what would an average, old school Black mom have done under similar circumstances? The closest I’ve come to an answer is this hilarious YouTube. It’s a North Philly woman watching the Dr. Phil piece as her son asks how she’d have handled the little ruffian. So, she tells him, in a NSFW low rumble.

Sure, she’s Monday morning quarterbacking here, but the foul-mouthed matron comes off as undeniably credible, even as she softens a tad towards the end. You’ll agree.

Now, go…and bee-cho kids!

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#1 all_smiles on 06.30.08 at 3:45 pm

My first thought is to say yes, Black children and White children are raised differently. However, when I think more about it I question it to some degree. Yes, some black women would not allow that to even happen, their child hitting them, but then I think about some black women with grown children who attack them. I also think about some Black kids at school. Some are aggressive and actually curse, hit, and disrespect the teachers. I have seen it. I have not been hit, but I have been disrespected. So, to think that Black mothers raise their child in such a way that this would not happen is not being realistic. I think that back when I was a child this was lesson common, but in todays times you see it more with Black, White, and all children for that matter, being disrespectful to some degree. Times have changed, parenting has changed. I see allot of young mothers who are still trying to raise themselves and their children. This is not to say that young mothers are not good mothers, I am just saying things have changed. For that matter music and TV has also changed and influenced kids to do the disrespectful things they do. I am just trying to say it is not a Black or White thing. It’s a culture thing, and things have gotten out of control!

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