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DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!! There’s a Life-Sized Lost In Space Robot Standing in Your Living Room!!


An anonymous collector has decided to part with his certainly much-beloved, actual-size B-9, as the Lost In Space robot’s model number is well known to aficionados of the 1960s sci-fi series. He’s selling it on Ebay, and the retailer managing the sale describes the toy this way:

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When You Absolutely Care Enough to Send the Very Best.

Shit Bitch Bear

Fellas, sometimes words just aren’t enough, and with Valentine’s Day upon us, you may still be searching for just the right gift, expressing just the right sentiment.

LoveIsLame.com may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Their “Shit Bitch Bear” lets that very special, certain someone know how much they mean to you; that, in your opinion, verb tenses are fluid; and that, hey, you feel comfortable calling them a bitch. At $12.99, the fact that it’s only 6″ high may be the least of your problems.

Shit Bitch Bear in whiteNeedless to say, I can only imagine the cataclysm that would ensue were I to bring this under my roof…and my wife is, indeed, fine.

Also available, right, in innocent polar white!

Possessed by the Game.

Gangsta Babies: Pookie

Gangsta Babies dolls proves it’s never too early to model crass materialism for your tykes. Plus, those Exorcist eyes should have the little ones completely captivated.

As the site says,

Comin straight outta crib-town! Each of these 10-inch hooddlers is A-Listing in the play ground. Rockin fabtastic clothing and so much baby bling that other rug rats can only catch their vapors.

“Pookie,” above, is

the green-eyed baller. But dont make him cranky… ya wouldnt like him when he’s cranky. Featuring a thermal shirt, t-shirt, dew rag, ring, and pimped out pacifier necklace.

Don’t hate the baby. Hate the crap.

Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty South.

“Totally rockin’!”

Turbo Heather is what all the kids want this Christmas, especially now that more and more girls are comfortable playing with powerful “boys'” toys.

“Radio-controlled Southern belles are loose and the RC world will never be the same!” shouts the announcer. Southern culture on the skids, indeed.

Let It Rip.

“Rock this town…”

I don’t play Guitar Hero, the massive hit video game (yet). But I can still tell that McFarlane Toys’ Guitar Hero Rockers—2-inch figurines of characters from the game packed deux to a box—are completely ill. If the actual pieces in February 2009 end up looking as good as these final painted sculpts, I’m grabbing all four: Spike-haired Johnny Napalm, bad-to-the-basics Axel Steel, KISS-whore Lars Ümlaut, and, my personal favorite, above, rockabilly renegade Eddie Knox. Total ‘tude, dude.

[via tomopop.com]

Not To Be Toyed With.

“I vahnt to be left alone.”

Siberian-born Marina Bychkova’s immaculate Enchanted Dolls wield world-weary attitude, bristling sexuality, fully fleshed-out backstories, and better clothes than you.

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Maybe the Kids Didn’t Blow Hard Enough.

The fun ends here.

When I first saw this photo, I absolutely could not stop laughing: On the left is the packaging photo for a kiddie pool, a “water park,” it says. On the right is a picture of the actual pool once you unpack it. It’s almost like, it’s not a pool, but a fun way to teach kiddies about the concept of bait-and-switch.

[via Boing Boing]

Onward, Plastic Soldiers.

Snake-Eyes gets mad biz…
Go no further: Snake-Eyes (Ray Park), from G.I. Joe (Summer 2009)

I wasn’t really a fan of the early ’80s cartoon series, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, on which an upcoming, live-action movie, above, will be based, but I loved the Hasbro action figures to death.

Lemme take that back: What I loved wasn’t the toys, per se, but the card art and copy. I would have happily collected the cards and given away the toys. If someone, today, sent me pristine copies of the cards from the early ’80’s, without the toys, I would rejoice. Continue reading →

Now Everybody Can Bargle Nawdle Zouss

Come as you are…

Though almost nothing is cooler than the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video that Samuel Bayer directed for Nirvana, if you can believe it, nearly two decades ago, in 1991—not Weird Al” Yankovic’s parody or Paul Anka’s big band-styled tribute—this $44.99, 18-inch figure of Kurt Cobain from the classic vid comes close. (Thanks to super-blogger and fellow New Zealand-phile Hanan Levin at Grow-A-Brain for the tip.)

It not only talks, nor solely comes in a 7-inch, $16.99 version but, revelation!, also makes obvious that Cobain’s competition model 1969 Fender Mustang was finished in “Lake Placid Blue.” Somehow, I’d never noticed this. Perhaps I was distracted by all the marbles in his mouth.

Super Fly: Iron Man Bobblehead

Iron Man Bobblehead

Gorgeous 6″ Iron Man bobblehead on the way, priced at $12.99, for sale at the best movie-toy fan-site, Entertainment Earth.