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“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, FRIENDS AND DISTINGUISHED GUESTS!!: The Honorable Mrs. Dr. Michael Eugene Misick, First Lady of Turks and Caicos Islands!”

LisaRaye Smooth cover

I’m not exactly a huge LisaRaye fan.

I think she’s really pretty, and, in some instances, astonishingly so. When she’s lit well and in motion—like she is in this ignominiously titled YouTube clip, “Lisa raye lookin sexy big butt”—her face has a sculptural quality, an interesting-from-any-angle form. I loved her in 2Pac’s “Toss Is Up” video, much less in The Players Club…and don’t even mention the execrable All of Us.

But when I first saw the inside-gatefold cover of Smooth, issue #36, above, I have to admit I was actually a little disappointed.

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Will Barack Obama’s Raceless Race Be Erased by Race?

Wright man for the job?

Bravo to Black Agenda Report executive editor Glen Ford for his smart analysis of the Obama-Wright debacle. Titled, “Obama’s ‘Race Neutral’ Strategy Unravels of its Own Contradictions,” the piece argues that, in the wake of pastor Jeremiah Wright’s three-day, “televised Black Liberation Theology tour de force,” Obama is withering, not from what Wright hath wrought, but from a fundamental disconnect built into Obama ’08.

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Jeremiah Wright for U.S. President

Wright 42

As anyone whose read MEDIA ASSASSIN, or any significant portion of my two decades-plus writing about race, might venture, I probably agree with almost everything Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, above, has said, in his oft-quoted and misquoted public statements.

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Fly the Photogenic Skies

Stay away from the props….

Typically, if you found yourself this close to the working end of an aerobatic sports plane, not to mention a Boeing 777, below, you’d be in a world of mess.

But if you’re Erik Hildebrandt, you’re, basically, at your desk. (Hey: That rhymes!)

If you’re this close, get outta the way…

One of the today’s most skilled aviation photographers, the Minnesota-based Hildebrandt is the guest on my WBAI-NY / 99.5 FM radio show, NONFICTION, this afternoon, Friday, April 18, 2 pm ET.

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Every Day, She Breaks So Much More Than the Sound Barrier…

Black female, comin’ out fightin’

To quote rapper Craig G, from “The Symphony,” mm mm mm, ain’t that somethin’: Maj. Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell is the first African-American female fighter pilot ever in the United States Air Force. (Thanks to Black Spin for the tip.)

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Tight Tees!: Kwame & Christine Bring Something Sexy for Spring!

Kwame-Christine tee (detail)

Thanks to Afro-American Pie for tipping me to the spring’s hottest tee (detail, above): A stylish little number, set off with mugshots of indicted Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff / paramour Christine Beatty, and tastefully finished with patter from the duo’s estimated 14,000 X-rated e-mail text messages. Sassy!

3,990 Dead. 29,395 Wounded. $500 Billion Spent. $2.5 Trillion To Go. Happy Iraq 5th Anniversary, America.

Dead Soldiers

People always get the leadership they deserve.

Is Gustavo All That Great?

Is Gustavo Dudamel all that?

arms spread

The Feb. 17 edition of 60 Minutes practically water-slided down the hunky, 27-year-old Venezuelan, and principal conductor of the Gothenburg Symphony in Sweden. (He takes over as music director for the Los Angeles Philharmonic in September 2009.)

But is he really as great as they say he is?

I have absolutely no idea. From the looks of all the smart white people whose eyes light up when his name is uttered, I’m sure, to quote Lorraine Baines from Back to the Future, he’s an absolute dream.

I was fascinated by the fact—and this seems to be the default mode when talking about hot-to-trot, European classical music conductors—that the way they conveyed how talented he is is by how wildly and hard he shakes and swings his baton when conducting.

Is that all there is to it? I mean, there was one part in the 60 Minutes piece where, Dudamel, trying to express the way a particular musician should play a part, used the idea of softly, gently kissing a woman’s neck to make correct technique clear.

But, for the most part, whenever these TV newsmagazines want to tell you that there’s a hot new conductor, or pianist, or violinist, that’s gonna change the world, the fast ball always seems to be that “They’re craaazzzyyy, man!! Craaaazzzyyy!!!“, followed by some footage of the artist doing something bordering illegal with their instrument, or that, at least, we all have a common understanding is inappropriate.

So what? I mean, is this the best that great European classical music can do?

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