The Mac is Back.

I know you both got soul.

It’s a very strange detail, but ever since Bernie Mac died, I’ve been unable to watch reruns of his syndicated show.

I distinctly remember sitting in front of the TV, the very first night after he’d died last month, as The Bernie Mac Show came on. I tried to watch it, you know, in honor of him and all, but found myself succumbing to this dreadful sense that what I was doing was kind of morbid and vulgar. It wasn’t a grief thing, as much as it was a sense that what I was doing was false.

I hope this feeling goes away by November 7 when his final work, Soul Men—that’s the one-sheet, above—with Samuel L. Jackson and Isaac Hayes, hits theaters. (As we all know too well, Hayes died the day after Mac of an apparent stroke.) Or, maybe the sight of both Mac and Hayes will make me completely unwilling to suspend my ongoing disbelief.


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#1 tallulahbankhead on 09.26.08 at 3:42 pm

Since he died, I haven’t been able to watch his show either. I’m putting it on the fact that I don’t want to accept that he’s not here to make us laugh and break things down the Bernie Mac way.

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