“Is Kanye the New O.J. ?”: The Real Haters Appear, In Order To Protect Taylor Swift’s White Womanhood From the Rape…Uh, the Rapper.


Will hip-hop vocalist / producer Kanye West, as one blogger has insightfully observed, become the next African-American male to live his public existence as a symbol of the race divide’s vitriol? Will he become a scapegoat for white obsessions over the threat Blackness purportedly represents?

The virtual flood of racist, expletive-laden tweets that followed the artist’s brief rant at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards suggest a strong “Yes.”

As many know, West interrupted singer Taylor Swift during her “Best Female Video” honor and acceptance speech, taking the mic to tell her, and all watching, that, “Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’m gonna let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all-time. One of the best videos of all-time!”, referring to Knowles “Single Ladies,” which had also been nominated.

West’s rude and abortive outburst drew loud, droning catcalls from the audience, while an embarrassed and stunned Swift stood, shocked and still, before being escorted gently from the stage.

As stated on MTV’s web site,

kanyeisabitchblackAccording to reports from inside the house, once cameras cut away from the action, West flipped off the crowd and returned to his seat. Wale then said to the crowd, “You can’t blame a man for speaking his mind.” His words were met with boos, and Wale then said, “Kanye, I tried.” During the next commercial break, Pink walked by the rapper and appeared to shake her head in disgust before security escorted her away. West remained steadfast amidst the commotion as he kissed his girlfriend Amber Rose.

West was, shortly afterwards, ejected from the awards show, as he should have been. Later, on stage, Knowles graciously brought out Swift, to let her finish her interrupted statement. (Knowles ultimately won the evening’s Video of the Year award.)

West issued an apology on his blog, which was captured and posted by this journalist before the site, perhaps overwhelmed by visitors, was taken offline.

Apparently, though, the mea culpa wasn’t nearly enough. A “Kanye West is a Bitch” T-shirt, above, made an almost instant appearance on the web. (Given his penchant for self-referentialism, my thought was that West might be the first person we’ll see wearing one.)


Far more troubling, however, were racist tweets that began to pop up on Twitter, the popular social networking site, posted, as one person observed, by those “ODing on digital courage”; emboldened by the physical distance and, often, anonymity the internet provides. (Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher has also blogged about this topic, in a post that quotes this writer.) Some, like the one above, represent second thoughts by those that wrote them. Removed from Twitter’s web site, presumably by the authors, they were captured, nonetheless, by caches in other places and then saved by MEDIA ASSASSIN.


Many, though, are still up, and new ones are being added, like this post, above, offered early this afternoon, in which 40-year-old David Gerds, of Hayward CA, asks someone to kill Kanye.

Is it legal to urge the murder of another person? Some of these posts call for West to be lynched. All of them refer to West as a “nigger.” History has frequently demoed that, when you add a blond, blue-eyed, white female like Swift to that mix, whose honor the mob is duty-bound to protect, somebody Black will inevitably water the courthouse lawn with his blood.

klarson5150-rotatedWhat is most provocative, though, is not that this is taking place in the “post-racial” age of Obama. It’s that it’s taken so little to move people to use this kind of language, and to do it so unashamedly. “Kayla Larson,” right, purportedly of the Bay Area, looks like the type of sweet, friendly, neighborhood girl that’s a cashier in that teen fashion store in the strip mall near you. (In fact, judging by the background of her headshot, she may, in fact, do just that.)

I could be wrong, but in her wording and dress, she doesn’t strike me as worldly. Certainly, she doesn’t come off as sophisticated enough to momentarily recall that, unless she’s working for her parent’s business, and plans to do this the rest of her life, posting the kind of statement she has, atop this one, is like posing nude and drunk on Facebook—the sort of activity future employers don’t want to see on your resumé.

That someone apparently so doe-like would engage in speech so rancid, though, should hardly be shocking to Black people, based on experience. As well, I suspect that those white people who say they are surprised by this level of cancer in their holds are, mostly, acting. Race is not a subject people tend to discuss truthfully in mixed company.

So, what to do about this?

Well, certainly, there’s the question of the degree to which any of these tweets violate Twitter’s own terms of service. As well, people on the service can confront, write, or write about these people.

My ongoing call, however, is for non-white people to develop an understanding of race that is meticulous, logical, and systematic. Racism has a sole, functional expression: White supremacy. Racism is not historical. It’s futuristic. It is not going away. It is being refined. It is weaponized through deceit, secrecy, and violence, in that order. Its chief tools are not clubs, bullets, or nooses, but words.

d1gitalx-01Most of all, however, those white people who say they are not racists, or that they are against racism, should be clearing race from the paths of Black people, like snowplows going through highway drifts. By doing nothing, or doing nothing effective, they cast racist suspicion on themselves through their inertness. The practice of white supremacy is a system, and it involves people giving all kinds safe harbor to racists—physical, social, financial, emotional, relational, hierarchical, psychological, etc.

6a00d834a2a48453ef01156f58f31f970b-800wiA commonly noted form of psychological harbor is given, for example, when one white person refuses to confront another white person who tells a racist joke, right, while not in the company of Black people. I’ve been in situations where, later, say, after a lecture, a white person will relay details of this, or some other sort of racism they’ve observed.

“What is the name and title of the person who did this?” I say. “Um…well, I don’t really want to say their name,” they respond. “Who are you trying to protect?” I might then ask. In other words, this is just one way that secrecy works in the system of race: White people covering for each other. There are many, many, many more.

Some will offer that, if there is any consolation in any of this, it’s that most of the twitterers putting up these statements are sparsely followed. (Kayla has 16.) Of course, the fact that white people are the planetary minority, yet the racists dominate everything non-white people think, say, and do should tell you that some minroities are the Effective Majority.

I’ve collected some of these tweets for your study. This sampling, of course, is by no means exhaustive, for the web, generally, or even for Twitter. As Mediasite notes, the first tweet they were able to find was posted sometime around or after 9 pm, Sunday night. I’m fairly certain the earliest one I obtained was sent hours after that. In any event, Kanye, watch your back. As for the rest of you, like they say at the VMAs, enjoy the show.






















#1 R.J Baldwin-Ford on 09.14.09 at 5:18 pm

WOW! I’m so glad we have you Harry! Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this to light…I was so saddened by all of the racism on twitter today…people must realize how hurtful and intolerable this is! Thanks again! 1Love

#2 Andy Hutchins on 09.14.09 at 5:22 pm

Damn. It’s days like this that make me wonder how people got past race to elect Obama. (I’m a 19-year-old white male who never thought that we would do that in my lifetime, for the record.)

Scariest in this is that racism is transitioning from blanket xenophobia that labels all black people as n—ers and doesn’t seek to understand anything to a selective, behavior-based distinction between black people and “n—ers” that makes critical observations of those who behave outrageously and then confuses them with a term that has few contexts beyond racial loathing outside of Chris Rock routines.

White people almost never get seen as emblems of their entire race; time and again, minorities are. It’s frustrating, to say the least, that an easy response to a non-racial incident (I think West’s comments were about merit) involving a prominent black person is to deploy ugly racial invective.

Thanks for writing this, Harry.

#3 inzane on 09.14.09 at 5:45 pm

I don’t agree with what Kanye did he was completely in the wrong. Can we take a look at the MTV politics though. Taylor won Best Female Video, right? Beyonce won video of the Year. Ummm explain that. Her video was the best of the year but not the best female video. lol!
Good to know racism is alive and well.

#4 whu on 09.14.09 at 6:11 pm

Marketing always = horrible backlash from the ones too ‘——’ to realize they are the targeted.

#5 Golfturtle on 09.14.09 at 6:21 pm

Wow. White people, you embarass me.

#6 Narcolepto on 09.14.09 at 7:40 pm

Here is some more of the same..


#7 Rogue on 09.14.09 at 8:30 pm

I am appalled but not surprised by the recourse of those of limited lexicon to pejorative and demeaning language. One can but pity their limited faculties and move on.

#8 Karuna on 09.14.09 at 8:48 pm

Good for you, Harry. Expose, expose, expose. It may hurt, but damn I think it’s good for everyone in the end to look at the problem in the glaring light of day.

#9 B Man on 09.14.09 at 8:58 pm

Kanye West is the most stupid, intellegent person I know. I believe everything he said, jus disagree with how he did it. And all these people calling him a nigger, ya’ll are jus as stupid as he is. Don’t die a hater, hell is to pay for it.

#10 Tanya Reed on 09.14.09 at 9:09 pm

The politics of the VMAs are comprised of those that literally work for this entity and “we the people.”
It does not take much for people to show their true colors, no pun intended. So people and employees
continue to be racist and prejudice. That goes for Kanye and all the racist tweets and people that make up what we all understand the VMAs and the music industry to be. It’s a well oiled machine, a monster, a popularity contest that has its one category for every demographic on the planet. While Kanye is pouting
about his lack of acknowledgement transferred through Beyonce, Beyonce is watching her political
connections by keeping it cool between her and Taylor. The Beyonce supper machine that
monopolizes the young black diva category and Taylor Swift: the “All American Girl Next Door
Barbie…Kanye; that dude that always wants to be included with the in crowd, that will never
be satisfied…everybody seems to be playing their rolls well. If it were really about art and cultural
this controversy would not exist. Not saying that the players in this drama lack culture or artistry,
but it’s not the focus or center of what they represent or wish the world to respect them for.

#11 Alan on 09.14.09 at 9:25 pm

Are those racist comments stupid? Of course, but having 25 or so twitter remarks is hardly evidence that people are mad at Kanye just because they are \racist.\ Especially because they’re were about 25 remarks about last nights incident every 10 seconds on twitter, for the past 24 hours. So 25 out of 100k+ doesn’t seem to signal its just racism.

I for one am neither a racist or a fan of Taylor Swift, but find it extremely obnoxious for a man to go on stage, take the mic during someone’s acceptance speech, to say that someone else was better. So are these people being racist in their remarks? Absolutely. But they don’t represented 99% of why people are angry, and thats because Mr. West is a rude self centered prick who believes his opinion matters more than others. If he was white, I’d be just as angry. \people should be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the merit of their deeds.\ Thats what I did, I judged by the merit of Kanye, and that is why I hate him.

#12 devans00 on 09.14.09 at 9:31 pm

Know what’s funny. Kanye got more punished for dissing a pop singer than Congressman Joe Wilson got for dissing the POTUS.

#13 Malia on 09.14.09 at 9:32 pm

I wonder… that you have defined racism as white supremacy. I grew up in a neighborhood where I was ridiculed for being white… or “casper” “cracker” “white trash” “powder” etc. I still remember running away from a group of kids that would follow me home every day from school hitting and kicking me… calling ME a racist white person.

When I dated a black guy in highschool, his parents and friends disapproved decidedly because I was white.

Although I understand your outrage (and comments like that make me very angry as well), your pointed opinion could be viewed very much in the same way. A lack of understanding that many (if not most people I know) are actually not racist… would never be caught dead making a racist joke or using racial slurs like that. It’s just… not classy.

However- If people are willing to post things like this openly on the web they should be held accountable… and feel like idiots.

#14 B on 09.14.09 at 9:35 pm

Though I understand the history behind the purity of white women being protected against black men, I don’t buy it in this situation or in this time. Very much of the same language was used concerning Serena Williams’ outburst at the US Open. As you implied above, there is obviously an underlying sense of racism here. Situations such as Kanye’s and Serena’s are simply the perfect opportunity to unleash such thoughts.

#15 K on 09.14.09 at 9:45 pm

You know…. those tweets are racist, undoubtedly and in that you are correct. But how the hell can you sit there and insinuate that they are anything more than stupid people making stupid comments? So a bunch of people on Twitter get pissed off at Kanye West for being a dick, and for lack of anything wittier, they attack his race.

It doesn’t make Kanye West a martyr, and it doesn’t change the jackassery of what he did. And it certainly doesn’t portend to some great and horrible future where the ground runs red with the blood of all the black folk.

Oh and another thing… stop capitalizing the B in black people and leaving the white lowercase….

Frickin’ hypocrite.

#16 K on 09.14.09 at 9:49 pm

Another thing: I cannot believe there are people like you who exist in this day and age. You perpetuate racism yourself…

Call out every white person to exist on the very basis of their skin color then cry racism? Bleh. I cannot believe you actually think you’re helping.

#17 King David on 09.14.09 at 9:53 pm

while i dont condone the “timing” of west’s outburst (obviously outburst deems it to be out of place), i will say that the white people and non black people searching for from sort of vindication through bellowing out “racist Nigger this, racist Nigger that” have a race problem of their own to figure out. Apparently they got red heated, and their true colors came out, coloreds. While on another not, most of the believe that it is “cool” to use “nigga” as apart of their daily lingo.

#18 Madelynn on 09.14.09 at 9:54 pm

Thank you Harry Allen.

#19 Smack on 09.14.09 at 10:01 pm

I wish I had words for that. It doesn’t surprise me, but in this day and age. Nothing you say can be taken back. That who you are from jump and you are that way for life.

most unreal
real thing I have ever seen!!!

#20 Jazz on 09.14.09 at 10:10 pm

This truly insane and sad….i feel sorry for these people that their minds & lives are narrow and will forever be that unless they free their minds & humble their souls!!

#21 Rhonda on 09.14.09 at 10:16 pm

YALL IS A BUNCH OF DUMB WHITE PPL YA’LL JUST as bad as Kanye is , with the name calling. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

u guys are all going to answer for the BS and the end of your life. Kayne as well, dumb inhumane fools.

at the end of the day Kayne is rich beyonce and taylor swift, you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#22 Banakayi on 09.14.09 at 10:28 pm

WOW. beware of the false motives of others

Becareful of foes who pretend to be brothers

and you’ll never suppose its those who are closest to you.

the sheet hides many…don’t let it be pulled over YOUR eyes.

#23 Ms. C on 09.14.09 at 10:46 pm

This is so damn sad, it is ridiculous. But as the article explicitly states, racism still exists. Unfortunately, these scared white folks are hiding behind the internet. But I tell you this, I double dog dare one of them to call ANY “black person” or “nigger” a nigger to their face. O, and defining nigger does not give them the right to use it! EVER EVER! I would love to see them in the “skreets.” I’d show them a REAL “NIGGER”

#24 chichi on 09.14.09 at 11:22 pm

wow,i cant belive my eyes!

#25 Miss C on 09.14.09 at 11:42 pm

I couldn’t even finish reading this. It is so so sad. I know he’s wrong but DAMN! It still doesn’t give you the excuse to throw that word around!! – I am so dissappointed.

#26 Studio Mysteries on 09.15.09 at 12:09 am

Thanks for posting these names, Harry. Social media is a powerful tool and it renders the perpetrators directly accessible. Very smart and strategic. I told a few of these people what I think of their spew and I urged my Twitter circle to do the same.

#27 Unforgivableblackness on 09.15.09 at 12:19 am

Excellent post Harry…you make a salient point about White Supremacy constantly evolving, shape shifting.

#28 JohnG on 09.15.09 at 12:19 am

@Ms. C, am I to assume you are suggesting that if a White person calls a black person a ‘nigger’ the black person will physically assault them? That would seem like a poor way to prove them wrong. And it would also suggest that blacks dont have much to fear for attacking White people, even with our supposedly racists justice system.

#29 Krys on 09.15.09 at 12:24 am

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and believe it or not Kanye is being ridiculed by his own race for his actions. This situation was by no means a matter of race, but a case of sheer and utter disrespect. But the above comments are completely out of line. And for those who said \these 25 comments doesnt mean that there is a problem\ is delusional. There is a problem. It is also a MAJOR PROBLEM when what happened at the VMA’s is getting more of our attention than the lawmaker disrespecting the leader of the free world…his outburst was considered \passion\. If we are gonna talk about it, then lets talk about it. I am tired of America paying more attention to celebrities and what they are wearing and doing than the future of our nation. Get your priorities straight. And I’m going to pray for you America…and myself

#30 Shadow And Act on 09.15.09 at 12:31 am

I can’t say that I’m at all surprised, nor shocked by any of this. It seems like it happens often enough that maybe I’ve just become numb to it all.

I don’t think it’s a sign of anything that we all aren’t already aware of, and have been aware of. I never bought into this notion of a post-racial America. We’re still very much divided across color lines.

All it takes is something like this to happen, and all that ugliness that lurks underneath the surface emerges! We (black people) are just as guilty. If the roles were reversed, and it was a white man who disrespectfully out-shined a black female star in favor of a white female star, in much the same way last night’s VMAs played out, I think race would certainly color (pun intended) our outrage, and I won’t be surprised to find somewhat similarly ignorant references from black people directed at the white man.

Disappointing? Unfortunate? Certainly yes! Surprising? A sign that there’s still very much a divide across color lines? Definitely. But I think we already knew that.

#31 chemicalsword on 09.15.09 at 12:56 am

people in general suck.
only in death do we realize how wrong we lived.

that will not be my problem. don’t make it yours….

#32 Daft23 on 09.15.09 at 1:05 am

You think Twitter is bad look up you tube comments under black artists. To say that is so sad that people still think this way is an understatement, people will always hate on each other. Period. I’d like to think that we would all “get along” but this buried resentment between the two races are too deep. Maybe when our society is ready to remember that we are all built the same way and are one race: human. Clichè, but true.

#33 BBoyCult on 09.15.09 at 1:08 am

Damn… Thank you sooo much Harry. This makes one want to vomit but the truth is ALWAYS something that must come to light. This is the America that will pull their children out of school on the day the President of The United States of America intends to plead w/them to stay in school and take personal pride in their education… This IS THAT America!!!! FTW

#34 LITE Coney Island on 09.15.09 at 1:17 am

SMH I was against what K.West did but after readin all of those Tweets I feel like damn I gota side with West people were bringing up the kkk WTF what he did was a straight up Dis but it doesn’t call for anyone to call for his life. As much garbage going on in this world hell just in the US we go crazy over words from some stupid award show with a bunch of rich people who could really careless about there fans.

#35 Fabrizio on 09.15.09 at 1:17 am

So intelligent, rational, and capable of many great things as human beings. But yet we sit here and bicker about race and use volatile words against one another. How petty are we as a society. The day I no longer have to deal with this borrowed body and what I am rather than who I am will be a peaceful day. the word “race” is dumb.

#36 Kevin on 09.15.09 at 1:18 am

The true problem doesn’t lie in the fact that so many have thrown that word around, but in the fact that they don’t continue to not understand why it is wrong to use it. I mean, I completely disagree with the way that Kanye handled himself. It is a disgrace. However, if he were not black, the word nigger would have not been thrown around so liberally.
Its sad that people reserve the right to use the word nigger when they choose, as long as most people agree that the black person involved is in the wrong, and particularly when he has wronged a white woman.
(lets not even get on the lynching comment!)

#37 Johnathan on 09.15.09 at 1:49 am

Other white people can be so embarrassing.

#38 Rebecca on 09.15.09 at 1:54 am

Interesting how racist Kenye West behaved, yet this article seems to give him a free pass, and would like to simply focus on “whites” being racist. I’m sorry – but in my experience, the most racist people I’ve ever met have been black. As far as the “N” word, the only time I hear it, seems to be when it’s coming from a black persons mouth.

#39 Deborrah Cooper on 09.15.09 at 2:03 am

The guy that observed that “Kanye got more punished for dissing a pop singer than Congressman Joe Wilson got for dissing the POTUS” is right on target. I mean really, who the hell is this child? I never heard of her until last night! She is NOBODY and in 2 years we will have forgotten her face, songs and everything else about her. It is so strange that few Whites had anything negative to say about Wilson’s antics and he completely disrespected the POTUS! He may not have “snatched” the mike, but the effect was exactly the same. So why is it okay for him to do but not Kanye? Kanye is a very smart, very political man and he was making a statement right back at White America for that Wilson stunt. Sad things have come to this point, but that is exactly why he did what he did.

#40 Derek on 09.15.09 at 2:27 am

Racism does not equal white supremacy. That is completely idiotic statement. Being mixed, passing as Black, I can tell you with certainty there are many, many black people who have never experienced racism pointed at them who are extremely racist. No one should get a free pass on being racist, people like you are part of the problem.

#41 Good article, but not surprised on 09.15.09 at 2:32 am

This is nothing new. They hide behind anonymity. Pretend to be friends to your face, but call you nigger behind your back. Why couldn’t what Kanye did just be wrong w/o bringing in racism? Because these people were racist before this Kanye ever happened. Like drunks who show their true colors when they’re intoxicated. These people are showing their true colors. Now I will be checking my followers to make sure none of them are following me and vice-versa.

#42 Ducci The Asian on 09.15.09 at 2:42 am

Not trying to be cynical, but I’ve always seen this culture throughout my school life and social life amongst the perceived progressive young set of today. Thank you for culling this gross hypocrisy and bringing it to light.

#43 Ducci The Asian on 09.15.09 at 3:03 am

Reading the above comments, I just want to say that I’m tired of a white person whining that they understand racism and have been a victim of it because they’ve been called a “cracker” or beaten up for being a “honky”. This is an insult to minorities. All of us have been beaten up, and called a spic, nigga, chink etc… Racism is the Latino building the house that he’ll never be able to afford. Racism is the Black person getting a longer jail sentence for smoking crack instead of snorting cocaine. Racism is the Asian person outperforming his White counterpart in the corporate world while never receiving his due recognition or ever being named CEO. Racism is Middle Eastern-Americans being treated like the Japanese-Americans during WWII. Racism is making a race an “Endangered Species” (does anyone personally know a Native American?) So I’m sorry if someone called you a “cracka”, get over it.

#44 Mad! on 09.15.09 at 3:11 am

Thanks for this article. It’s true, words are the weapons of racism. And I agree, it is not going away. Always been here, always will be here. But no, racism does not exist for the sole purpose of white supremacy. Everybody is racist. Whether they admit it or not, every human has racist bones in their bodies.

This guy has an interesting take on Kanye and the entire MTV VMA experience…


#45 TG on 09.15.09 at 3:17 am

I am tweeter myself, and not a fan of either side, but I just want to point out your statement, \Is it legal to urge the murder of another person? Some of these posts call for West to be lynched. All of them refer to West as a ‘nigger.’ \, is a little misleading.
The link you provide above (\and new ones are being added\) searches for posts that contain both \Kanye\ and \nigger\. If you remove the second word and look through posts that aren’t filtered like that, you will see far more people censoring him for being rude and discourteous than for his race.
I won’t deny that there are tons of morons out there that will happily get off on public, slur-filled tirades, but I really believe the majority of people just feel sorry for a kid being publicly humiliated by an apparently drunk music star.

#46 Jay-G on 09.15.09 at 3:30 am

I still don’t understand why Kanye being called a racist. Did he call Taylor a white devil? Nope. Did he say anything bad about her? Nope. He acted dumb and gave praised to his friends wife. It was silly, but people are going way over board.

#47 Dee Lovely on 09.15.09 at 3:36 am

I agree wholeheartedly with you… Kanye clearly wasnt commenting on Beyonce’s video because she is black and Taylor Swift is white. It was about the video and the fact of the matter is that Beyonce, without a doubt, deserved the “Best Female Video” award along with her “Video of the Year” award… I guarantee wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more Americans know the lyrics/dance to “Single Ladies” then those that know Taylor Swift’s songs. I definitely think that Kanye should have bit his tongue, but he probably was in shock towards the results and had a little bit of “liquid courage” resulting in his interruption. This was not about race it was about merit, however Kanye is dumb for interrupting her, he clearly wasnt thinking about the consequences of his actions at this point… hopefully people will move past this. Stuff happens. We’re not perfect so people need to quit acting like we are… God Bless.

#48 womanface on 09.15.09 at 4:22 am

I was one of the people who left a comment, slandering Kanye West, and while there’s nothing that can actually EXCUSE what I said, I’d like to simply say that I DO apologise, and it’s not my general nature to think/say things of this sort. We ALL say things in anger that we will later regret, and, after issuing MANY apologies, I feel I could safely leave one last, and APOLOGISE to the black community, and even to Kanye West himself.

Racist terms are borne out of a time/place of hate, and should NEVER be used. I AM of this opinion, and ashamed of what I said. Everyone says this in defense of themselves, but I have black friends whom I love dearly, and harbour no hatred for any race group.

I’ve judged, and I’ve been judged, and that’s only fair, in my eyes.

My sincere apologies,

#49 Whatever on 09.15.09 at 4:47 am

Cry me a river. So some people called Kanye West a nigger? Guess he shouldn’t have acted like one, picking on a little white girl like that. (Ooh, how macho. Maybe he’ll beat up a white baby next.)

Newsflash, eternally outraged black “community”: If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

#50 Chris L on 09.15.09 at 4:56 am

Like a lot of guys, he was trying to make himself look full of bravado and be the big shot – he obviously has an ego the size of an aircraft carrier.

It was not a race thing for him. It was ego. And self-publicity.

He must have felt stupid – especially when Beyonce Knowles won the Video of the Year Award later.

And he deserved to feel stupid.

Tha race stuf – that is a sad aspect of life. The world is full of ignorant people trying to justify their prejudices at every opportunity.

#51 YDLAFAMS on 09.15.09 at 6:43 am

Harry, this was a dope article. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, people are a million times harder and braver on the ‘net. I see the vast majority of the tweets from the myriad twits are kids. I’ve been there…had cowards who would never even furrow their brows at me in person, yet get computer gangster online with these social networks because they know you’ll “check” them, literally. Kanye’s got issues and Taylor’s a class act (not to mention so is Beyonce). Non-black folk resort to the ‘n word thing because they’re uneducated and they do it online because posting online seems to make everyone thingk that they’re someone else…whatever. Great article!

#52 Frankie on 09.15.09 at 7:41 am

I am a young black woman in America and I’m TRULY appalled. I don’t agree with what Kanye did because it was very obnoxious and uncalled for, NO ONE should be disrespected like that BUT ESPECIALLY when it is their first time winning something of that magnitude. Like Beyonce said when she accepted her award, she remembered her first time accepting an award at the VMAs with Destiny’s Child and it was a special moment. So no, I don’t agree with Kanye’s actions, but these tweets further make me fear for my future children’s futures. Intolerance and hate are taught and it doesn’t matter what race you are, any and everyone can be a racist. If you’re wrong for saying or doing something then you’re wrong, but you aren’t born with those hermeneutic lenses.
It does seem to be the case that when one member of a minority group acts out, then the other members are also held accountable- I had to deal with that when my boss asked me why Kanye had his moment and when Serena had hers, like I actually know these people.
I feel that if some of these same people are willing to have Kanye lynched, then how can I really feel safe? He disrespected someone, but would they want to do the same if they even THOUGHT I disrespected them one day? Its very frightening and it concerns me deeply.
Kanye and Serena do need to get it together but so do these children tweeting above me. We’ve ALL got to do better.

#53 kindanice on 09.15.09 at 8:13 am

Like I’ve been saying. This has gone to far. If Kanye had interrupted some some drunken band, lil wayne or somebody, NO ONE would care. So it’s not the principal, it’s Who he interupted. Quite frankly, I knew not of Swift b4 Kanye pulled this stunt. Could care less about her. Because if she were half as gracious as the world is making Beyonce out to be, she would have blew this off by now and stop acting like someone stole her virginity.

#54 dionne on 09.15.09 at 8:19 am

hiya harry,

thank you for this paper. i love the way you capture in words the things in my head :)

great commentry too by others – thanks LITE Coney Island, Ducci, Deborrah and BBoyCult. to derek, when i first met harry at a racism conference he said one of my all time fave quotes:
“you can’t talk about racism without doing one of two things: offending White people, and embarrassing Black people. That is, you can’t do it… if you’re going to tell the truth”

go harry, may you offend and embarrass for many a day :).

#55 Susan Klopfer on 09.15.09 at 9:06 am

Lots of racists remarks — frightening. And yes, the racist remarks were about race. We need to grow up in this country and quit letting people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh speak 4 us. The hate sickens me. Kanye was stupid for what he did but no one deserves this type of reaction.

#56 Sundance on 09.15.09 at 10:30 am

Best part of this post? The fact that these racist Twits are being put on BLAST.

Now we know EXACTLY who to send the goons after when the lights go out~!

#57 tdk81267 on 09.15.09 at 10:41 am

Kanye West is a douche bag, and people are speaking their minds based on his actions, not the color of his skin…

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

#58 Wise on 09.15.09 at 10:54 am


I’m not shocked nor moved by this. Sadly, I expected a lot worse than what’s been levied thus far. We know how easily one can portray toughness and courage under the glare of a PC monitor, so this barrage of N-Words proves nothing. However, it highlights the ugly truth that we’re still not over the divisive lines of race and class in this country — and possibly never will be.

I acknowledge fully that Kanye West’s actions were boorish, and he will feel the burn of this for a small while (until he or someone else does something equally as dumb). I think people of measurable intellect know what’s happening here on both ends and realize that this will not do anything to add to the necessary shift in paradigm we need to move ahead as a country.


#59 Reality check on 09.15.09 at 11:36 am

Tracee Duggard lost more than her “moment” to a sadistic rapist and kidnapper. The reaction to the kidnapper of this eleven year old, now twenty-nine, is nothing compared to this. It’s a sad commentary on what is “shocking” and what isn’t in the minds of humans.

#60 It never ends on 09.15.09 at 11:49 am

@Ducci the Asian

I wholeheartedly AGREE with you! So true! So sick of white people saying how bad they’ve been treated by a black person. White people will never understand what it’s like to be black.

A black person can ignorantly holler out racist remarks to a white person all damn day, but the white person still has the upper hand. I’ll never forget how this white man and my mom got into an argument over a disparaging comment he made to my brother. He called the cops after my mom started arguing with him, lied and said my mother had slapped him. If it wasn’t for the level minded cops, after my mother pointed out that his face would be red had she slapped him, my mother would’ve been locked up that day.

Stop WHINING and accept the fact that there is a such thing as white priviledge. Black people, black President or not, have no power over you.

#61 Bob on 09.15.09 at 11:58 am

In response to Ducci the Asian, let me ask you how you think you know white people if white people can’t understand what you go through as an Asian?

Kind of a double standard there, eh? That’s the feeling I get from a lot of the comments on here. Whites just don’t get how minorities get treated and can’t claim to understand those issues. We get everything on a silver platter.

Well no we don’t. I have worked my butt off to get where I am and have had many minorities that have either passed me in success or are there with me working themselves. I have not gotten ahead of them by any means and am tired of minorities saying that whites will always get ahead. It’s not true.

Kanye himself has made some racist comments in the past…why is that being ignored? Why does this article and people outraged at the white racists on Twitter ignore racist posts by African Americans or other minorities who call whites crackers or say things like “I hate white people.” You see that stuff all over the net. How is that not racist?????

There are racists among all types of people, and they should be fought against. But, let’s stop acting like it’s one group that is causing everything to be wrong for others. I don’t pretend to know what it is like being a “minority” (though frankly I AM one where I live since the majority is Hispanic). But you know what, you shouldn’t pretend to know what it’s like to be white either. You only know about it through what your family has taught you or basic interactions, just like what I have learned about being a minority. Not exactly a good way to really understand.

Stop acting like you know white people and take some responsibility.

#62 J on 09.15.09 at 12:00 pm

Excellent column, but let me add one thing: some of these idiots wouldn’t be as comfortable using the word “nigger” if not for the prevalent use of the word by rappers, including Kanye. In concerts he has even granted permission to white people to use it while singing along to “Gold Digger” This is the danger of using the word so casually in songs. What’s to keep the shallow-minded from throwing it out there after they’ve already heard it so many times from their favorite black rappers?

#63 Legion on 09.15.09 at 12:10 pm

Well…that’s one opinion. Nicely written. Here’s another:


#64 lyn on 09.15.09 at 12:21 pm

Its amazzzzing how people try to justify Kanye’s behavior! I’m not particularly fond of Beyonce, Kanye nor Taylor although I’ve ocassionally enjoyed their music. Nonetheless, this is about the rude, immature, arrogant behavior displayed by Kanye not the race or talent of Beyonce or Taylor. I’ve read blogs by some Kanye fans in which they try to downplay his antics. I’ve never been a fan, but if I was I wouldn’t be anymore! Black or White his behavior was uncalled for and wrong!

#65 tdk81267 on 09.15.09 at 12:35 pm

Please take a moment to read, it applies on all sides! There’s hate flyin’ all around!
*We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
*We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
*We who in engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension. We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
*The Negro needs the white man to free him from his fears. The white man needs the Negro to free him from his guilt.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
*We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
*If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values – that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
*Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.
***And last but not least…
***Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.***
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

#66 Zach on 09.15.09 at 2:14 pm

I can not believe that people are taking this incident so seriously. This act was not racist is more stupidity than anything. I’m a fan of Kanye West but he was rude to do that. He apologize but people can not forgive him for what he did. I truly feel sad about how people be so cruel to another person. How can Kanye West be racist? It does not make sense. Now he has suffer what he did for a long time.

#67 Tony V on 09.15.09 at 2:20 pm

I can’t believe what I’m reading here. Has the world really sunk so low? These people are absolutely the most ignorant individuals I have EVER heard of.

#68 DeeDaw on 09.15.09 at 3:25 pm

America is full of the most disgusting human beings on earth.

#69 The Kid on 09.15.09 at 3:27 pm

Anyone who ever heard Kanye sing “Big Brother” knew this day was coming. The man has a screw loose, maybe 2…2 pies!?!?

#70 Nikki on 09.15.09 at 3:40 pm

It’s scary, but the more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s the Tea Party/Birthers effect, except it’s the younger generation of Caucasians on Twitter.

#71 Alex on 09.15.09 at 3:42 pm

I made the shirt, it has nothing to do with him being Black. It has to do with him being a bitch, that’s pretty much it.

#72 Keeda Mangum on 09.15.09 at 4:03 pm

I am amazed at these racist tweets about Kanye being a n*gg*r for being honest. I watch award shows and many talent artist are over looked and Kanye felt Beyonce was over looked. What does his race have to do with his comment? I am appalled at this but not shocked! But white America did not want to lynch Joe Wilson for his stunt! Now that was rude and totally out of order but I hear no one speak of it. We need to find other things to stress and disrespect ourselves about other than Kanye West and Taylor Swift, who is she? Grow-up people and respect everyone, especially “our” President of the United States of America!

#73 tony606 on 09.15.09 at 4:16 pm

I don’t think Kanye, or any intelligent person, should worry about the rants of the ignorant people quoted here, their breed is dying out and will soon be forgotten, just like Taylor Swift. They’re loud and annoying but harmless unless you scare easily.

#74 Jay on 09.15.09 at 4:27 pm

i’m kind of surprised that people STILL have an opinion on whether or not what kanye west did was wrong. how is that even relevant to the thesis of the article?

kanye west was probably frustrated by the fact that an artist whose music video, he believes, transcends pop to become Pop Art, was not given an award so as to appease fans of an artist who without a moments hesitation did everything that they could (as white kids with no capital) to subjugate a world famous, critically revered pop superstar.

Harry, I find your elucidations on race, as well as your suggestions for how white people can actively participate in the deconstruction of racist systems, to be very helpful. Thank you.

#75 Chris Chin on 09.15.09 at 4:34 pm

this is such an excellent find and i really do hope they shed light on this. its a shame that people feel obligated to say these kind of things to feel good about themselves its a pretty reckless world we’re living in…its bitter to say that even though kanye is getting so much hate on a small matter in my opinion but he has brought something even bigger out to the attention of someone like you Harry and hopefully the CNN, MSNBC, etc. will shed some light into this

#76 ethan on 09.15.09 at 5:59 pm

thank you, Harry! Horrible situation, wonderful post!

#77 does it matter? on 09.15.09 at 6:21 pm

When you throw words around like “ignorant nigger” and most of all “racist nigger” what does that say about you? Really that you are just as racist and ignorant as the person you are targeting. So Kanye let his ego get the better of him, who cares. It happens. Don’t know if you all got the memo but black people are accepted in today’s society.

#78 Gold Digger ??? on 09.15.09 at 6:40 pm

I’m sorry, but maybe the racial slurs made by a few will make Kanye stop using the N word in his OWN songs!

“She ain’t nothin’ but a gold digga
She ain’t messin’ with no broke nigga”

He was extremely rude AGAIN and drunk, and has made this a history with his attendance at awards shows.

I don’t like him. And I think his own song is what he and his girlfriend are about. He’s been pushing it too far too long.

#79 Dam Dave1 on 09.15.09 at 7:02 pm

The shame of it all is that is such a minor blip on the human radar, and evoked such emotion from such inane people. Embarrassed to be human today.

#80 Bill B on 09.15.09 at 7:26 pm

He’s being called a racist because of his actions and comments as a whole not on just this one incident. Kanye is only vocal about white people who he believes to be less worthy than their black counterparts. Its hard to keep believing that it is just a coincidence that he only has these tirades towards white people, because its not. And by the way Swift’s album has outsold Beyonce’s by more than a slight margin. I shouldn’t even mention that fact but I keep seeing the post from people who say what he did was not that bad because Beyonce really did deserve it. Which I believe in and of its self is racist, being that one can’t condem the rude actions of another just they are of the same race. But I’ve come to terms with being a white male and always assumed to be racist for any criticism of anyone black. Don’t get me wrng though, those tweets quoted above are horrible and those people make me ashamed.

#81 Jeff To the Left on 09.15.09 at 7:27 pm

I think it was actually more about male privilege, power and sexism than anything. I wonder if Kanye would have interrupted Ice Cube if he felt that Cube was an undeserving winner?

#82 Jason on 09.15.09 at 7:29 pm

I don’t like this article.
#1. because it is stupid. It makes it seem like whites are the only racist people. SHUT UP. From what I have seen, the blacks in my community are the racist ones. I cannot leave my house without being called a “cracker” or “Stupid rich white boy” or just a rude whisper of laughter and stares. They are the ones who stereotype. There is a reason that everytime a white person sees a black person, they turn and walk the other way.

2. Kanye West is the one who is racist. if you remember that whole controversy with him accusing Bush of hating black people. It is as though it seems he is allowed to be racist because he is black. It is horrible and looked down upon if a white person is racist, but when a black person is racist, its okay because they have ‘been through so much’.

Do NOT get me wrong, i have met many amazing black people.But I believe there is a difference between a ‘black person’ and a ‘N—-r’. Black people are polite, educated, professional, and determined to suceed. N—-rs are rude, loud, cursing every other word, lazy, violent, and demand respect when they have not earned it.

Just dont be hypocritical. Whites are not the only ones who are in the wrong.

#83 LyS on 09.15.09 at 8:17 pm

Omg…i know what kanye did was wrong and maybe deserves to be called some names. But NEVER is it okay to use the “n” word…EVER!!! ESPECIALLY if you’re white!! This just sickens me to death!! I can’t believe how many racists are still out there. All this is gonna do now is make black people more racists against whites, even ones who didnt say this nonsense. This makes me want to cry, I’m pregnant right now w/ a mixed black & white baby and it’s so sad that my child, even in this day and age, will have to deal with this kind of racism. I wish ppl would just grow up & stop judging ppl on their color!!!!

#84 leigh on 09.15.09 at 9:11 pm

i was on twitter the other night, well the past two days and i’ve been going on many websites/blogs, etc, and i love how you didn’t post any comments from black people who were as equally repulsed by what kanye did and also used those words to describe him. i’m not making an excuse for what those people posted (i’m sure that you’re probably not allowed to post those comments either way) and no i’m not one of those people you made an example of and no i’m not caucasian. this whole pulling the race card because of this incident has been interesting to observe, just like many people, many caucasian people have been making comments about how black people always pull the race card and how black people have the naacp but white people don’t have something like that for themselves (they’re forgetting the nra is theirs for the taking and the kkk, and other white representations they embrace). i don’t think it was a colour issue but along the same lines many black people and some whites said that kanye wouldn’t have done that to a black artist, male or female, and i couldn’t help thinking about that and thinking there’s a point there. when was the last time kanye rushed the stage for an urban artist?

#85 O on 09.15.09 at 9:23 pm

Personally I thought he was just rude, race has nothing to do with what happened at the awards show. Why would anyone think it did?

#86 Eric on 09.15.09 at 9:36 pm

This just goes on to prove that most people suck, doesn’t matter what color they are.

#87 grammar nazi on 09.15.09 at 9:40 pm

How about proof reading your article?

The typos and grammatical errors are making my eyes bleed. Here is an obvious one:

“West interrupted singer Taylor West during her “Best Female Video” honor and acceptance speech,”

Kanye West… AND Taylor West hmmmm?

#88 Robert Jr. James McClendon on 09.15.09 at 9:47 pm

What Kanye did was wrong. Tired of Black men standing up to white women like Kevin Powell and Kanye last night. Kanye told it like it was on Katrina, I give him props for that, but that whole video award show was created by and for white people to begin with. Racism is alive and well, this is some Emmit Till type racism I’m reading here. As long as Obama is in the white house its going to be about “race” in reverse. They loving it!!! Kanye you were wrong, but we damn sure ain’t overcome.

#89 jeanie on 09.15.09 at 10:01 pm

While I think Kanye West’s actions at the VMAS was digusting, reading these racial slurs is even more disgusting. This had nothing to do with his race. It had to do with him as a person. He could have been white, yellow, black, purple or orange and if he made those same comments and acted that way towards Taylor Swift……it would have been just as bad. It just makes a sad commentary on him as a human being.

Saying that….he made a serious mistake and is a human being. We’ve all made mistakes and hurt people…not just as publicly as Kanye did. Let’s hope he’s learned a valuable lesson from all this. And let’s stop all the hating. Taylor has forgiven him……why can’t we?

#90 DMcN on 09.15.09 at 10:32 pm

Its funny how all of this turning out to be a racist incident in some peoples minds….I dont recall Kayne saying the words, “Hey Taylor you honky bitch, gimme da mic “. Yes, they still out there folks…the racists and they are on both sides of the fence…I have seen a number of negative posts from blacks and whites, so lets be fair here and not focus on the 20 or so rednecks…

#91 white dude lolz on 09.15.09 at 10:44 pm

im ashamed as not only a white male. but as a human being

#92 Shaye on 09.15.09 at 10:49 pm

To Ducci the Asian, when someone calls you a degrading name, then YOU can “get over it”, too. Racism is racism. Stop trying to put your own spin on it. Kanye is just as racist when he claimed that the President didn’t do enough for the Katrina victims because most of them were black. Now, get over it.

#93 Pensmoke on 09.15.09 at 10:57 pm

This is pathetic. If you think its bad on Twitter though you should go on Youtube. The racists are rampant on there. And Harry, I am with you on this man but you go off the wall a bit too man. The whole “defending the white blue eyed ” girl and “whites threatened by blackness” and such is not helping anything. Those comments smack of racism themselves. This is a new era it aint a P.E. video shoot mindstate bruh. The fact that maggots like those that made the racist twitter comments still exist is sad. They are fools. And although there are still a handful of them out there, they are cowardly, as all racists are, and would never say it to a black man’s face. One thing I don’t think many people who commented noticed either. Some of those racist tweeters were not white. I saw a few hispanic ones in the mix.

#94 Ms.M on 09.15.09 at 11:19 pm

You know hate is such a strong word. And that is what some people are saying they feel for Kanye because he rudely interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech. I think the blacks who feel this way are either immature or have self-hatred and the whites are using his weakness to vent their own hatred against blacks whether they realize that is what they are doing or not. I have enough maturity and common sense to know that everyone makes errors and that humans can change and do better because at the end of the day that is what we all should want for one another.

#95 Taiwan Brown on 09.15.09 at 11:46 pm

God bles you harry!

#96 LG on 09.15.09 at 11:49 pm

So basically it comes down to this. kanye west is an ass who was drunk and did something stupid. i will agree that racist comments are not appropriate and to be honest, your posted them is not going to help anyone. It is also a fact (which no one wants to admit) that white people are a minority in the country and are often a target of racism themselves.

So before everyone goes off the deep end, which is probably too late. kanye west did something stupid and apologized. let that be the end of it.

#97 Shelby on 09.15.09 at 11:55 pm

This is a truly depressing look at the minds of some. I highly doubt Taylor Swift would approve of these words being used in her defense. Those who “tweet” this type of garbage will learn their words can come back to haunt them when they go to apply for a job or have a blind date Google them; I’ll pass on having dinner with the racist-bigot thank you very much.

#98 Anthony on 09.15.09 at 11:56 pm

The context some people put the word in is not what you think it to be. (To make things clear, I am not a racist. I have more friends of different races than I have of my own race.)

I believe the “n” word has evolved as most words in any language do over time. One person tweeted “You dont have to be black to be a nigger”. And thats exactly why I believe its not the word it used to be. People are using it in the present day to define or describe someone who acts rudely or obnoxious, and not only to black people, but any race for that matter. A “nigger” does not nessecarily have to be a black person.

I don’t see some of these comments as racist, because the way I see the word being used is like a synonym for rude and obnoxious.

For example, if you switch “nigger” for the synonyms you get this: “So I just heard. Kanye West had a rude, obnoxious moment last night at the VMAs.”

In conclusion, although there are some racist comments, there are also those that are not meant to be, but rather use the word in a different context.

#99 sandy on 09.16.09 at 12:08 am

hey we all make mistakes, taylor forgave him so who r u ? yea i hated for a minute, but i made alot of mistakes in my life, who am i or anyone else to judge, yea it was real messed up but no one knows it more than kanye, get a life ppl

#100 W-Guy on 09.16.09 at 12:25 am

I am part hispanic (and black, but less so) and I think it’s totally ridiculous to claim that Racism serves ONLY the purpose of White Supremacy. History is full of every group of people exploiting and abusing almost every other group. If someone has the idea that racism is a white thing needs to look at a larger slice of history.

The idea that there is ONLY white racism is disgusting, and discounting things that white people have suffered through because of the horrendous crimes of people they might not even be related to is terrible. (Or when \white people\ go on rampages against other people that most outside observers would agree were also white, such as the Holocaust, or Eastern European Pogroms)

I have heard plenty of my peers making fun of people of other races, and I don’t think that we’re going to shut down racism by just getting white people to stop getting other white people to stop making racist jokes. We have to make everybody stop being racist against everybody else, and it’s something we’ve got to all work together at, this should be about human unity.

To Ducci: You think that there aren’t any white people who can’t afford a house? You think that no white people have ever gotten an unfair prison sentence? You think no white person has EVER been passed up for a promotion?

Jews are one of the most discriminated against minorities, having annually almost 70% of the Religious based hate crimes directed against them, they are ostracized, marginalized, kicked out of communities, and have still fought to come to the top ranks in many companies and in media. So the idea that there are no white people that suffer because of some part of who they are is just ignorant and mean-spirited.

There are PLENTY of Non-White CEO’s, and plenty of rich people of all colors, so to suggest that it’s OK to commit acts of violence and racism against another group of people because other group of people that just happened to look like them set up terrible systems hundreds of years ago… That’s disgusting.

Racism is NEVER ok, and attacking someone or calling someone a name just because of what skin color they were born with is DISGUSTING no matter what. It’s CYCLIC, act racist and mean against people and it’s going to simply make it more likely for those same people to respond racistly. So by suggesting it’s ok to go after white people just because of crimes their ancestors committed, that is just disgusting and HATEFUL.

Also the Twitter posts? None of this isn’t proof of systematic racism, it’s just proof that there are a bunch of idiots.

Far more people decried him without bringing up his race, to claim that this proves some kind of wider racism because of a few dozen posts out of hundreds of thousands… That doesn’t make sense logically or statistically.

If anything it proves that racism is rare and dying.

Also, I think the question should be asked how many of these kids grew up hearing the N-Word in Rap music? If you’re exposed to a word constantly in your culture and your music it starts to lose the taboo.

For a lot of people calling someone that word has lost a lot of real negative connotation. Not saying that any of these are people trying to use it in a positive connotation as i’ve heard a lot of white hip-hop fans trying to do, (ex. \Oh man, ________ is my n****!\) It’s just I wonder about how exposure to it has killed the taboo.

I remember first hearing the F-word when I was little, and knowing that was just something I wasn’t supposed to say. And as I got older and heard it more in action movies, it killed the taboo for me, obviously not something i’m going to be saying in front of my Grandma, but stub my toe and it comes out reflexively.

Not saying that it excuses anyone being an idiot and using that word, but it’s definitely become a cultural thing, and using it so much has just made more people think that it’s OK to use it, or not that big a deal, or on par with any other cuss word.

#101 wahwahweewee on 09.16.09 at 12:54 am

Thanks for posting this, despite the fact that I have had to choke back vomit a few times. It’s certainly eye opening.

Just wanted to say something. I totally agree with the person above, (Dee Lovely) just to add: to all those who are insisting Kanye is a racist towards whites, he might well be, however interrupting a white girl’s acceptance speech does not equate (in my mind anyway) racism. Using the n-word in a brash, unapologetic, aggressive and uncalled for manner in a public forum like twitter?! Um, yeah, that would be racist. I don’t think that the two can be compared. Yes, what Kanye did was stupid and rude. However, I don’t think he deserves at all the racist backlash that’s been documented here and I am sure is going on elsewhere.

I couldn’t help but also notice, after looking at a few of those twitter pages, that they were for the most part, teenagers. Like posting ‘my mom’s a bitch’ and ‘math homework is waaayyy hard LOLz’ (or whatever the F kids say these days) along side their racial epithets. Though I am still disgusted, I hope and pray that they grow out of this phase and learn to come up with new, different, salient and less horribly offensive insults to use on the internet as they grow older.

#102 miss-represented on 09.16.09 at 1:01 am

I am glad that you brought this up, but disappointed in the way you went about it. Race is very important to today’s society and it is something we need to start talking about it. I guess that we have to start talking about before we start talking about it productively however. I do not see why race always has to be so black and white. Even in this blog, we seem to be rooted one against the other. Why can’t we talk about the similarities and how to improve racism instead of calling each other racists?

Race is nothing more than arbitrary physical characteristics that are merely trait based. It is nothing more than a skin color. Race is not based on biology, rather it is an idea prescribed to biology. Many falsely assume that race is biological. Biologically however, we are all very similar; sometimes more similar to someone of a different race than our own (just look at mitochondrial DNA).

Race is real however. It is real because I see it and you see it. Part of one’s race that we often forget about is ethnicity, this is where the cultural and historical influence comes in that you were talking about. Be careful of all encompassing statements however. There are white poor people that are not privileged just like there are rich black people.

Furthermore, I see nothing wrong in acknowledging what I see. People should not be afraid to call someone black or white because, well, they are! The problem lies in the assumptions that we carry with term white and black. Just like we assume a door will open a certain way, we assume all black or all white people will behave a certain way. The lesson I think we all need to take away from this is to ask yourself, “why do I have these assumptions? And could I be wrong?” It is important for us to remain reflexive and realize that what we see is not always what we get.

#103 Jan on 09.16.09 at 1:47 am

Wake up America! Why are you so surprised at this? The younger generation thinks the “N” term is hip, cool, a lot of the “logic” propogated by rappers and their constant gangsta usage of the term. Additionally, it is VERY commonly used between blacks, ESPECIALLY the males.

I run a bar/restaurant that has a very heavy mixed clientelle. We ban the “N” word because personally, I find it offensive and degrading.

I have employees who continually try to convince me otherwise. Guess I’m too old to buy in to it. In trying to enforce this rule, I have far more trouble with the black clientelle observing it…feeling it is their ethnic right (albeit they say it’s Nigg’a instead of Nigger) defending it as a term of endearment among the “brothers”…exclusive to them. Then I have the whites, who hear the blacks using the term and have their ghetto on and try and use the term in the same fashion. It’s accepted if the white is a friend…but taken offensively if they don’t know the person. Guess they put the wrong accent on the last syllable?

Still, the word and any other racial slurs and “slangs” of slurs are forbidden in my “house” of business whether it is directed at the blacks or the whites. If someone wants to continue or gives me grief about it, they’re asked to leave. If it happens again, they’re banned.

Personal and social respect has got to start somewhere.

#104 Monica on 09.16.09 at 2:04 am

Wow… Check out Kayla Larson’s myspace page:


She claims she likes rap, and lists a few black artists. Yet, she’s quite comfortable with throwing around the N word.. Hope she finds out soon how she has been exposed and how the whole world know she is a RACIST.

#105 Marie on 09.16.09 at 2:14 am

“I suspect that those white people who say they are surprised by this level of cancer in their holds are, mostly, acting. Race is not a subject people tend to discuss truthfully in mixed company.”

I agree with everything you’ve said in this blog but I don’t agree with that. These people are disgusting filth of human beings and as a white person it does shock me to see such filth and it makes me incredibly sad that people like this still exist in 2009. Its not that I don’t know it does on some level but in the age group these people are it is absolutely mind boggling and very much the minority of us.

Don’t stereotype me based on the color of my skin, I don’t you.

I hope your message gets through to the mass media and Twitter is held accountable for not moderating such hatefulness because the light does need to be put on it, I just dont appreciate the comments lumping all us whites into a group like we silently agree or look away and are putting on an act. That is not true.

#106 Tiara on 09.16.09 at 7:20 am

So here’s the thing,
you only screen capture the tweets that non black people tweeted, while really, even the black americans and so called ‘black’ people tweeted the same shit. you’re just making the stereotyping thing worse. the power of reading, it makes you believe what you see when it’s not even true.

#107 Philomath on 09.16.09 at 8:23 am

Quite frankly this is appalling. No, I don’t condone, or even like how Kanye chose to behave on Sunday, however, some people have adopted this as a cause by which to push their racism into the public realm, in the hopes that, due to the widespread critisism Kanye has received, their comments will appear to be acceptable, and perhaps even motivate others to make similarily tasteless remarks. This is nothing more than the collective ignorance, and intellectual laziness from individuals whose words in regard to this issue are far worse than anything Kanye has done.

#108 Joel on 09.16.09 at 8:51 am

I agree with Jan. Young kids these days do not understand the meaning behind the word, they are not properly educated on the history or the the truth behind what they say. And popular culture does nothing to help with this. They have no personal experience, many of their parents don’t even have personal experience with the same raw racist activities that occurred before the civil rights movements (1955-1968).

Sticks and stones break bones, this isn’t racism either, it’s just ignorance… when I saw this video it immediately threw up an alarm for me, this is how the civil rights movement really began (Rosa Parks 1955), except she wasn’t beaten:


The word nigger reflects someone’s ignorance (no matter WHO is using it). It shouldn’t be a pass to point the finger at all whites and call them racist either… cuz that’s racist too.

Sometimes I feel this world is just damned and there is nothing we can do about it.

#109 Autumn on 09.16.09 at 9:43 am

This was a post I came across.

#teamkanye kanye dont bit his tounge. thats a real nigga fuck them crackers and vma that shit is not for black people any way

Racism goes both ways. It’s sad. Spread love, not hate.

#110 728 on 09.16.09 at 9:54 am

Racism’s sole function cannot be white supremacy, as you’re currently using it to belittle and condescend to them.

Practice what you preach, then take a wider view. Don’t indict an entire race because angry people think of the most hurtful term available to them and use it carelessly.

This, like the Michael Richards rant, has more to do with anger than race. If West were retarded they would be calling him ‘retard’, if he were short they would be calling him ‘midget’. It wouldn’t mean that they had a latent hatred of either group.

When people know a term has power to hurt, they use it, usually not realizing that they’ve just targeted much more than the individual.

#111 adam on 09.16.09 at 11:04 am

Are u country or city? Sounds like we got a bunch of knucle heads here, Is it true everyone combined here couldn’t roast a single marshmallow? Why because every one here has no life. If you actually think this is big news than God help not just u but us all. Say hey for southern stupidity, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa .

#112 Matt on 09.16.09 at 11:09 am

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the obvious reference to Chris Rock’s famous “black people/ni–ers” bit in many of these tweets. It’s sad that so many people clearly didn’t understand Rock’s intention, I’m sure somewhere he’s pulling his hair out.

With this reference so evident, it’s clear some (but certainly not all) of these tweets have less to do with conscious racism and more to do with an ignorance about the real racial climate in America, something which is all too common on the internet.

#113 Kelly on 09.16.09 at 1:09 pm

Thank you for writing this.

I’m a white woman. I didn’t watch the VMA’s – I don’t have a television. When I heard about the incident and especially when I saw the jobs up at http://kanyegate.tumblr.com/ I got a few laughs. Making fun of Kanye as being self-serving or boorish… OK, that was kind of funny. Then soon I was seeing little trickles of hate, just where I’d hoped it wouldn’t go. Some of the jokes were expanding on what he said to include more mocking language. Then a Rosa Parks reference. So for me the fun of another celeb misbehavior was squashed – because yeah, soon it’s full-fledged, outright or ill-disguised hate.

Taylor Swift was treated badly – yet briefly – by Mr. West. That’s it. It wasn’t a big deal. Bad manners maybe? But I have learned that many whites will invoke the “N” word and all the terrible things it’s meant – at little provocation indeed. This is upsetting.

By Swift standing there and saying nothing she sat in well as the the innocent, (virginal?) injured white female. I’m not saying she “should” have handled herself better, because I empathize for her. The situation was a difficult and unexpected one – has anyone ever had a mic taken from them while getting an award? But now some of the public (esp. the white public) are acting like what was done against her was some kind of CRAZY OUTRAGE. This might be less easy for some of the haters, had Swift taken back the mic and confronted – in any way – Kanye, then just made her speech. Taylor Swift could take a leadership role in addressing this hate – and I wish she would.

Thanks, again, for this article.

#114 alittlenothing00 on 09.16.09 at 1:34 pm

Just to be said, from reading the names of the tweeters, a notable number of those tweets were not from “white” people, but rather, other people of colour (Hispanic, Asian), which just highlights another pervasive issue I’ve always been perplexed by, the lack of solidarity amongst historically-oppressed minorities.

#115 Lost on 09.16.09 at 1:36 pm

So now every white person who thinks West was wrong let alone, a jackass as even the president (a black man himself as called West) has & suddenly your a racist? If you disagree with the president you’re a racist? Racism works both ways & Wilson was as much a Jackass as West but for some a 19 year old girl who just won her first moon man is a little more uncared for & defenseless, then a 40 something year old male giving a speech on a highly divisive political issue. The president knew there would be detachers in the room it couldn’t have been out of his mind of being totally unexpected. Obviously though things were much less expected at an award show. Can we just agree there are jackasses of all races, beliefs, & social spectrums without being haters, racists, or whatever?

West isn’t exactly known for standing up for others let alone whites & the VMAs show that. If eminem did that to Beyoncé wouldn’t he be bashed as a racist especially if he endorsed a white artist? If it’s white against someone else it’s always racism but if it’s anyone else against whites, whites are racist for just wondering if race played a part in it. And we wonder why there’s still a divide. Wilson disrespected Obama & is a racist? West disrespected Bush yet no one complained let alone blasted media about it. A cop arrests a black professor he’s a racist who acted stupidly even when other black officers are on scene & agreed with the white cop’s decision yet even now he’s still a racist. Why is it racist anytime a white person disagrees with something. Name calling during that disagreement obviously is one thing but even then it’s not guaranteed to be true or play a factor in the actual disagreement. Everyone agrees West was a jackass & rude but a white agreeing that let alone calling him one, makes them a racist?

#116 I'mNotWhite on 09.16.09 at 1:50 pm

It’s sad that I feel it’s important to begin this comment with a disclaimer that I’m not white. Although many of these tweets are appalling (blaming an entire race for one persons actions), I think that saying all whites feel they are supreme is absolutely ridiculous. More and more, it is the whites that are most discriminated against. There’s a Black History Month, a Hispanic Heritage Month, but if there was a White History month all hell would break loose. There’s the BET but what if there was White Entertainment television? Would that be racist? The List goes on and on and continues forever. Not liking one black person does not make a white person autimatically racist. It is the same issue with those who didn’t vote for Obama. They are immediately labeled as Racist for not voting for a black candidate, when, in fact, for a majority of those voters, race had nothing to do with it.

#117 Lost on 09.16.09 at 2:00 pm

I have lots of Black & Latino friends who calling me honky as well as the n word & I’m white. they also give me a hard time trying to get me to call them it. It doesn’t make lot of sense if you throw it around in music & everyday conversation at some point it will become “ok”. We use to be told not to swear yet everyday conversations even bosses now often cuss and noone thinks anything of it. Only to be expected that in time throwing around honky or the n word would some point make them seem ok. I’m not sure why kayla is the target of all the attacks lots of people on both sides of the issue throw the n word around like it’s nothing big & maybe she does have friend who like mine have no problem with it among friends. Obviously she and all of us should watch more what we say & hopefully she & others will. Just because its thrown around everyday doesnt make it right or not still divisive or hurtful to some. Still there’s a lot of other people famous & not famous that are more racist then she.

#118 Erika on 09.16.09 at 2:36 pm

Lol, it’s pretty funny to see the comments here basically going “don’t call white people racists! It’s MEAN!!” — It sounds like the commenters here need some history and racism101 classes.

#119 John on 09.16.09 at 2:45 pm

Nothing stings like a racial slur. Just ask a minority.

Why do people still speak/type like this?

#120 brittany on 09.16.09 at 3:29 pm

i also agree thats its pretty lame you kept capitalizing \black people\ and not \white people\!WTF was that about?and yeah you are going a little overboard and alittle overdramatic about peoples comments on this issue!! this is america and everyone has the right to say whatever they think!! it doesnt matter if you or anyone else doesnt like it or agree with it! thats why its just peoples opinions!

#121 brittany on 09.16.09 at 3:32 pm

HA! of course your black too!! i shoulda known!! you need to know your NOT helping anything!

#122 Kayla on 09.16.09 at 5:17 pm

WOW-im popular! You people crack me up….talk all the shit you want, but I stand by what I said! Freedom of speech is a great thing, it gave Harry Allen the right to talk about me in his article and it gave all of you the right to talk shit about me! What I find funny is that “Black” people hate on white people all the time and its ok, but white people hate on a stupid ass person and we should go to hell! Slavery was so long ago, get over it! we are not oppressing you, you oppress yourselves by acting the way you do!! And I dont care what you say EVERYONE no matter the color is racist in some way or another (most people of color feel as though hating on white people is not racist, but hate is hate). its not my fault there is a derogatory term for black people….ohhh im exposed as a racist omg…what am i going to do?! lol, im going to laugh thats what im going to do! Kanye has made really dumb decisions since hes been in the lime light,all of which have been race related! like saying “he would rather not sell any records than sell to white people” GIVE ME A BREAK…..if thats not racist I dont know what is. And not that I care about Taylor Swift (because shes white), but he was very racist in what he did. Had another black woman won the award (other than beyonce) I doubt he would have done the same thing to her. If you dont like hearing the word NIGGER (in any of its forms) then dont freely use it as a term of endearment amongst yourselves!! It means the same thing no matter what color mouth it comes out of!!

#123 Kayla on 09.16.09 at 5:42 pm


#124 meticulous, logical, systematic on 09.16.09 at 6:10 pm

I hope you realize you just claimed that Twittering teenagers with negligible twinfluence, are the effective majority of all white culture. And that you validated this claim by hand-picking a few results from a search narrowed down to “kanye nigger.”

So what shall we make of http://tinyurl.com/o8ta2e ?

#125 Vince on 09.16.09 at 6:29 pm

I’m one of the people stated above. And I just wanted to apologize to everyone who got hurt by my comment. I know it’s not much, but I think it’s all i can do. Next time i shall use my words more wisely. I apologize again and hopefully people will forgive. And I really am not a racist.

#126 Kayla on 09.16.09 at 6:33 pm

Look, I would like to state that I am sorry about the second “post” i made, totally un-necessary and 100% done in anger!! I think all of this has gotten a little out of control. Like I said before, I stand by what I said. But for the record had the rolls been reversed I would have without hesitation, said Taylor Swift is white trash….when I think about racism I dont see color, honestly, I see “stupid people” and those come in every color….so dont think that I hate black people, because I dont….I do hate dumb people with no common sense (at times mine may not be great) but I dont see color, I have black friends and have discussed this issue with them, they are not mad and in fact agree with me….There were probably 20,000,000 posts just like mine, but I was the un lucky one to be speculated! Again, I am sorry for the above posting (the one with derogatory names).

#127 Dusan Zorovic on 09.16.09 at 7:48 pm

You found 20 people on the internet willing to use the word nigger? Impressive, we’ll be sending you your Pulitzer by Friday.

#128 Vince_delro on 09.16.09 at 9:43 pm

Hello I’m of the people about that left a racist comment. I wanted to apologize to the African American community for using such a hurtful word. I was angry at what Kanye West did and I blurted out the “N” word. I am not making any excuses for my actions, I just wanted to say sorry to all of those who I have offended. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

#129 Lewis on 09.16.09 at 10:49 pm

Is this proving that white people hate black people, or that people who like country music are racist? Because I already know about the second one.

#130 Seattle Slim on 09.16.09 at 11:02 pm

Vince Delro,

Dude you’re a big man for owning up to it. Apologies aren’t even necessary, all I ask is that you read up on these people before commenting and then make informed decisions.

It’s not that you said he was a nigger in my opinion. Blacks folks were doing the same. In all fairness, fair is indeed fair. It’s where YOU were coming from is what’s offensive. You are in the Phillipines. I’ve lived in Hawaii, I know how racist people are against you guys as well, even in your own Asian community. Come on, man.

As for Kayla,

You need help. I feel sorry for you because your lack of pedigree and education is showing. Nobody said a WORD about slavery. That’s not the issue. Why didn’t you call him a boor, a buffoon, a plebeian and idiot, a jackass?

#131 Seattle Slim on 09.16.09 at 11:37 pm

#77 NICE try.

But when I checked, the people calling him a cracker appeared to be white….

#132 422 p.c. 404.6 p.c. on 09.17.09 at 3:17 am

Harry “Asassin” Allen, I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with the law in regards identifying individuals by name, sex, age and location when urging a group to take action in your “Ongoing Call”. At this point you are already the prime suspect should any person crimes happen to anyone cited or participating in this blog, regardless of the topic.

#133 spokesman on 09.17.09 at 3:43 am

Vince I’m really happy for you and Imma let u finish

But Kayla was being the biggest racist of all times..

The biggest racist of all times

Hehe ur account ‘ve been blocked Kayla? Ur kinda cute hihi..I’m black

#134 Alphaman06 on 09.17.09 at 7:32 am

@Jason #73 I’m an educated Black Professional who has been called a Nigger by white Folk. Maybe you should spread the word that there’s a difference between me and a nigger as there is an obvious disconnect. 
@Ducci the Asain I respect you for speaking the truth, you are friggin’ Awesome!!
@Womanface: I sure hope that apology helps you sleep at night, one of my biggest pet peeved is when white people do something racist and try to hide behind that excuse “I have black friends” as if that makes your actions any less disgusting. As a self respecting Black Man, there is no way I could remain friends w/U after that. 
@You Black folk Up there defending white Peoples use of a racial slur while calling for the Lynching of a Black man are obviously ignorant to the actions of the Jim Crow era and should be ashamed of yourselves for justifying hatred and racism threats of violence w/the fact that “Black people use the word all the time”.
And finally to all the white people who claim there is a double standard because we use the word colloquially…..you’re idiots plain and simple. Calling out the failures of the Bush Admin and relating them to race is not racist, when race was a relevent factor. Even Newt Gengrich stated “Whenever there are failures in the government, African Americans are hurt the worst.” Even the foreign media outlets had a field day with how the country neglected to assist it’s darker citizens. I guess their all racist too huh? As a result of the violence and hate this man has been shown I no longer have any intention to boycott him for his idiocy.

#135 Vince_delro on 09.17.09 at 7:53 am

Seattle Slim: I really did think that an apology was necessary. Since it is the internet it is pretty much all that I could do. I wanted to let you all know that my derogatory remark was not meant for all the african american people, it was just a stupid outburst for something that Kanye did. I really didn’t think that it would hurt this many people. I am a Filipino myself and have experienced discrimination. (Probably not as much as black people have) But I have and it is not a nice thing.
I have really learned from this experience how powerful and hurtful that word can be, and I am ashamed that I have used it.
I know that an apology will not take back anything, because what has been said is said, but I wanted to try to make amends with as many people as possible because I am not one who likes to hurt or offend anyone. And yes i should have known better. That’s why I am here to take anything that anyone wants to say to me, may it be good or bad, because I am willing to take responsibility for my actions and try my best to show people that I really am not a racist bastard.

Thank you for giving me the chance to write this, and I will respect anything you need to say.


#136 meticulous, logical, systematic on 09.17.09 at 10:55 am


#137 Embarrassed on 09.17.09 at 10:58 am

WOWWWWWWW… I am caucasian and am just embarrassed at “white” peoples reaction to this stupid incident that needs to be put to bed already. Kanye was a douche and did an unacceptable thing but the ‘N’ word being thrown around like it’s nothing is crazy. To me, talking like that is more ignorant than what Kanye did. Shameful. All of you twitterheads.

#138 Justin on 09.17.09 at 12:09 pm

klarson5150, the first screen grab you posted, appears to have been a bot account. Didn’t check any of the others. Either way, it’s gone now.

#139 mr niyabhingi on 09.17.09 at 1:43 pm

Typical white people. As long as blacks stay in thier lane, neighborhoods, grocery stores whites are not racist. Change that fact and they will let you know. Check out the story on the country kracker that beat up a black woman in front of her 7 y.o. child.

#140 true story on 09.17.09 at 2:40 pm

white people like this make you all look bad

#141 typical on 09.17.09 at 3:22 pm

none of these people know
kanye or taylor personally so they’re getting racial because? They obviously just wanted an excuse to throw that word around. I bet you Taylor wouldn’t go that far
and 2 skinnybitchh you wouldn’t even thought to use that word if someone white did this you would’ve just called him a jackass or something

#142 MJ on 09.17.09 at 4:38 pm

Black people call themselves the N word all day long. It’s become desensitized.

#143 real on 09.17.09 at 5:18 pm


#144 Diamond on 09.17.09 at 6:14 pm

Thats whities for ya…Told you ppl nothing has changed.Make a move on it.

#145 ANT on 09.17.09 at 7:40 pm

Most racist just get it from their parents and surrounding racist. Racism is the only fad that will never die.

#146 HAYMAKERJOE on 09.17.09 at 8:06 pm

Good Job Kayla, and Here I Thought I was The Biggest Racist Of All Time!!!!!!! I Don’t Care One Bit What People Classify Me As…. I Would Like To Say Though. If Black People Would Just Quit Complaining About all The Stuff That Doesn’t Go Their way Just Because Their Black & Get On With Life. Racisism Would Reduce Drastically!!!!!

#147 Jo Jo Dancer on 09.18.09 at 1:33 am

Kayle is hot,it’s too bad she’s ignorant. Can’t even apologize without blaming other people, what’s up with that?

#148 Jennifer on 09.18.09 at 5:39 am

Racism sadly will never go away, no matter how much we would love it to as a country. It is taught and implied : the same thing that you are doing with this article. I am positive of all the posts about kanye made by White people , very few referred to him in that manner .I do not condone what those people twittered , but it is unfair to assume all white people felt that way . kanye acted like a douche plain and simple

#149 APY on 09.18.09 at 12:35 pm

It’s sad and disappointing to say the least on all parts. It was wrong for Kanye to interrupt Taylor Swift’s speech. It’s ok to have an opinion but there is a time and place for everything. However, the response by all of these tweet posts are unnecessary. It’s an excuse for privately or maybe not so privately racist people to have a field day using the word “nigger”. The sad truth is this world will remain in it’s sad state of racist affairs until God steps in and handles things and believe that day is coming. I pray for my enemy…pity my enemy…and ask that God forgive because they know not what they say and do. SMH

#150 Deborah on 09.19.09 at 9:20 am

Why oh why have we made this about race?? People! We are just damn people. And KW did an assholious thing. Frankly, he is an ass, but racist?? No no no!

An ass is an ass is an ass. Leave racism out of it please.

#151 Ken on 09.19.09 at 1:52 pm

I don’t understand what Kanye did was so racist? He stood up against the powers that be (media-wise), expressed his opinion, and in turn came off like a giant douche. His embarrassment should be enough, he has apologized, what more do you want him to do? That is basically the most he can do. He has talked to Taylor himself, apologized personally, and she has accepted it. Thats it. Game over.

#152 ivan n. on 09.19.09 at 10:49 pm

It’s sad that the VMA and MTV even exists. Most of these celebrities are uninspired commercial products. You can’t even call them artists. It even more sad that we need to use this crap as evidence of racism. I thought it was obvious. I see racism everywhere. It’s systematic and so ingrained… I take it back, it’s not obvious at all. I see people being racist and not even realizing it. It’s disgusting. I really hate how defensive white people can be. It’s such an overwhelming problem.
People also don’t realize that racism doesn’t work the same way when it’s a minority being hostile towards the person of privilege. There’s a power dynamic that will never shift.

#153 Gerard Spinks on 09.20.09 at 3:07 am

White people and others will never stop their closest hatred because they hate themselves first and foremost. Not all but the ones spewing all this nonsense. You only have the propensity to hate to the degree at which you hate YOU.

So, the Filipinos and others who have launched into racist tirades only prove that they are highly dissatisfied with themselves and their own lot in life. If you love Taylor Swift, cool. Why lash out so destructively?

I hate Joe Wilson but I never dreamed of calling him out of his name and hurling insults his way. White people are quick to bring out their true selves. I never trust them fully.

#154 Mr.Walks on 09.20.09 at 6:51 am

interesting….i wonder how people would of responded if it was a black girl……

#155 Mr.Walks on 09.20.09 at 7:00 am

meaning a black girl instead of taylor….

#156 Saladin on 09.20.09 at 10:10 pm

Two things from a random Arab man observing this:

a) Kanye NEVER would have pulled this nonsense f it had been a dude. Not just a Black dude, but any dude. If John Mayer or somebody had won that award Kanye would have just sat there. There was a clear ‘hold on, now, little girl, a *man* wants to talk’ vibe there — which, to indulge in some sexism of my own, is eminently a bitch move.

b) The reactions on Twitter aren’t a contradiction to the “new” Obamerica, they’re part and parcel of it. What do you expect when even ‘liberal’ white America gets all weepy and feels ‘so proud again of the greatest (still warmongering, still world-raping, still torturing, still young-Black-man-incarcerating) country on earth’ b/c *almost* half of them manged to vote for a safe-as-hell, not-descended-form-slaves, not-mad-at-white-people, not-indicting-the-US, pro-imperialist, pro-death penalty politician who jumps at the chance to abject himself by selling out REAL community leaders via lying about their ‘distorted’ racial bitterness,
and most of Black America, rather than calling said politician a sellout, compares him to MLK and Malcolm (!?)

#157 Johnny on 09.21.09 at 7:20 pm

There are an estimated 1.5 million Black men in prison and another 3.5 million on probation. Black males make up more than 70 percent of the total prison population, even though they make up only 6 percent of the U.S. population.

Although blacks are 12% of the population in reality it is just 2% of the blacks that commit 50% of the murders and a greater percentage of other crimes. Consider: black females – 6%. Blacks from zero yrs. to 12 yrs. and black males from 50-100 years commit an infinitesimal percentage of the crimes. Therefore we are left with two percent. If we eliminate crimes committed by this two percent from the U.S. statistics our country compares very favorably with all Western countries. Fact — blacks kill 7 times more than whites kill. Fact — blacks kill whites 20 times more than whites kill blacks. Fact — blacks mug or commit group crime against whites 50 times more than whites commit against blacks. Fact — blacks rape white women 2000 (yes 2000) times more than whites rape black women. In New York City, about 300 white women are raped by blacks every year BUT there has not been a black woman raped by a white male in anybody¢s memory (going back over 20 yrs.) Consider: Al Sharpton had to go upstate New York to find a hoax and that was almost 20 years ago. (Source NYT 4/22/05)

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics 2004 report (released May 2006), blacks commit 54 percent of the homicides in America even though they constitute only 12 percent of the population.

An individual black male is seven times more likely to commit murder than an individual white male. It so happens that black felons commit 43 percent of aggravated assaults, 66 percent of armed robberies, 27 percent of rapes and 85 percent of interracial crimes of violence, mainly against whites (this last figure from a Justice Department report 2003). However, it’s not just in the United States. The greatest dicators in recent years have emerged in Africa. People like Idi Amin of Uganda, Hastings Kamuzu Banda in Malawi, Mobutu Sese Seko, in Zaire, self-anointed Emperor Bokassa of the Central African Republic, Mohammed Saidi Barre in Somalia, Sani Abacha of Nigeria, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe — the list is endless

#158 Kakae on 09.22.09 at 1:49 am

Sorry but blacks deserve the hate they get, I don’t hate anybody and I know I shouldn’t generalize a whole group of people but stereotypes exist for a reason, black people are known to be the most intolerant race out of all the others, they bash whites, latinos, asians and discriminate against basically every other minority like gays for example, they sure hate on other groups, but when they’re being hated on like here, they cry racism and “don’t understand” why people react the way the do. Hell, the same day Obama won, the black community was crying and celebrating this victory, talking about how CHANGE was made, how we came together as a society, about EQUALITY blah blah blah, yet 80% of them voted YES on prop 8, denying the rights of gay people. Kind of funny.

#159 europeanindividual on 09.22.09 at 11:10 am

the world of entertainment with people looking at this girl (Swift’s) career more so then her individual self, talking about her moment was taken away from her, I think she has been taken to the next level and no ones really seeing it like that..saying kanye west stole her spotlight, Really!? your obviously all blind, she’s just been given global status whats crazy is she’s just been promoted to new heights in shorter time then her record company could have even imagined.
saved them a lot of money I guarantee.

that was as obvious as he’s overall action as playful as it was i thought it was actually funnily/embarassing and in some moral space wrong, but he actually spiced up what would have generally been another boring glitteratti bash again people always need something to nag about and of course the race card is always the obvious one to surface very fickle & Uneducated individuals indeed. also i think people need to stop hiding behide social networking platforms i.e (Tweeter) and come out into the real world and discuss these topics where they can actually get a one 2 one reaction. but thats half the problem people just can’t talk about racial topics unless youv’e been on the recieving end of abuse which narrows it down to the ethic casts mainly.

so much more to say but I’m hungry ..lol & great work harry at least provocating topic which is essential reading compared to most fibble topics on TV.

#160 Jennifer on 09.22.09 at 7:58 pm

Me, I was *disappointed* by Kanye West’s rudeness at the VMAs this year.

Sure I didn’t like his badmouthing getting an education earlier, but I also thought his later bringing more public attention to the issue of blood diamonds was *awesome*! I already gave up wearing anything that even looks like a diamond, but it’s always good to see someone with so much more of an audience than I speaking up about important stuff. So when I heard Mr. West interrupted Taylor Swift like that, I just thought “noooo, someone on my side hurt his own credibility!”

Then when I saw a video rerun on a news site of Beyoncé Knowles’s award acceptance speech and how she gave Ms. Swift a chance to finish her speech, I just thought Ms. Knowles was the classiest person there.

p.s. I’m white

#161 Moose on 09.23.09 at 1:07 am

A couple of black kids in my dorm were laughing and calling Kanye a nigger. We were all laughing together and dissing him because he did something mean and unprofessional. Some vitriol may have been unleashed simply because he was black, but young people may also just have a different understanding of what the word nigger means.

#162 REALIST on 09.24.09 at 5:29 am

What would you say about 13% of the population committing 85% of crimes?

#163 true story on 09.26.09 at 7:20 pm

yes moose im sure all the twitter users were calling him nigger because they are young and they have a different meaning of the word…right

#164 Cassandra on 09.27.09 at 4:26 am

What srry people,

vince- what does being Asian supposed to mean. Like you have some kind of higher superiority cause you lived in Hawaii. I’m from the Bay which is pretty diverse and recognize the some of the names and Tweet accounts. I’m white, does that mean that I hold others that are white to the same degree. No. Because people are individuals. It’s sad though, but we all can’t share the same view. Anyways, that dosent mean all these people get off without punishment. They obviously are feeling guilty that they got caught up. Like the poor girl Kayla, obviously the writer blasted her pretty hard but she seems like she dosent know who she is. I’ve seen her before in the Brentwood strip mall, I’ve wanted to say something. But I won’t. Cause you don’t fight fire with fire. Pretty dumb though in this day of age if you ask me.

I would suggest reading a book, none of the above blasted people don’t seem very smart.

#165 Anthony on 09.27.09 at 4:41 am

No, there is no different understanding or definition of the word Nigger. It holds lots of repression, things that no one in this day of age can comprehend. Reguardless how this word is misused it is negative. Just because people-white people spout off I have a black friend, “they say it’s fine” does not mean you get a free pass. That’s like me saying I know a cop I can commit a crime- or drive his squad car. I dosent work like that. Really the reason why people use it is because they have no Idea how to understand that there are some really stupid people in the world, but tht dosent mean to be so negative. They just don’t know any better. How can you ask someone who has no self respect to respect others and to be a bigger person. Thumper said it best if you can’t say anything nice don’t say it at all. When will we learn that the only way to make a change is to be positive. And yes what kanye west did at the awards was very rude and backed with his own racism. But if you who claim to be so non racist see this you should do the opposite, feel sorry for him all you want- he deserves it- he is a sad individual with great music. But don’t sink to his level or any level thereafter. You will rise above and be the smarter person so long as you pick you battles and your words. I hope this reaches out to someone. Because if we ALL tries to make a little improvement on how we treat people the world will be just a little better for it- and you will feel a change.

#166 Julie on 03.14.10 at 7:22 pm

We are all prejudice. We evolved to be that way, to make judgements as a means of survival, to favour ourselves and social group. Prejudism is natural. It is part of our ‘animal’ brain. Humans also have a highly evolved ‘reasoning’ frontal cortex– it is this part that is rational– the thinking part. This is the part that liberal minded people tap into. They however cannot escape their animal brains (hence liberal people who think they are not racist still are but they try to overcome it– like having the devil on one shoulder and angel on the other) a person can be non-racist and racist at the same time. It is an internal battle in the mind of an ‘educated’ person. Also prejudce is part of our culture and very few of us are independant minded enough escape that influence. We are like sheep — we are really just products of our culture– individuals are not ‘evil racists’ they are simple ants in a giant ant nest acting as one. That is why a hundred years ago if I was living in the south i would be an overt racist. Because of where and when i grew up I am not.

I think it is important to have a deeper understanding of racism and stop pointing fingers if we are to get anywhere and break the cycle.

It is hard to read the n word comments but we must assume that these people are simply ingorant (or just using the n word to vent their own general hostilities– we tend to use the most abusive language possilbe to strike back and inflict the deepest wound) and there are plenty of ignorant people in the world– hence you will ALWAYS be able to point to examples of overt racism.

I think to say it is a white supremicist plot is damaging to black people who might believe that BS. you sure aren’t hurting white people by saying such things. You are simply perpetuating the negativity that hurts the mind of a black person who internalizes it.

#167 DeeJay on 08.16.10 at 11:14 pm

I sat here and read all of this crap. ALL OF IT.
I mean…damn, it’s like, Harry wrote this to shed light on the fact that, Black or not (and yes, I capitalized it, you gonna crucify me too?), racism is still VERY alive and deep in American roots. One of many reasons why I’ve considered leaving this country, but one of the same many reasons why I’m still here. Kanye didn’t interrupt her because she was White. He didn’t interrupt her because she has a vagina. He interrupted her because he believed Beyonce deserved it more.
To the person who spewed that nonsense about Taylor selling more than Beyonce…I mean, do you know who Beyonce is? You really think she has to worry about competition from Taylor Swift? From a 19-year-old (funny, she’s my age) girl who appeals to 1 1/4 audience demographics (75% of her audience was jacked by Mr. Bieber, I promise) whereas she remains one of the best-selling female artists, and one of the best selling recording artists in general, of all time? REALLY? HA.
To the people who are bringing up race and all that jazz…uh…isn’t that the reason this article was written? So that it’s known that there’s a lot of this nonsense going on, not just towards Black people, but towards every demographic (except Southern Christian Republican voters, strangely…haven’t heard one negative thing about them in my existence and I’ve been alive for almost 20 years now)? Racism is alive, and you’re only perpetuating it.
To Mr. Allen, I must say that, although you bring a lot of interesting points to the table, your argument seems quite biased. You’ve got to look at all sides here.
To that random guy who posted those jail stats, I’ve got something for you. While all of your stats are true, you must also remember that broken homes are predecessors to a lot of issues that some (and probably many in your sample statistics) minorities have these days. Speaking as a minority from a broken home myself, I can tell you that it is common. I’ve watched people I went to school with get shot, get detained by police; I’ve witnessed police brutality, drug deals, drug busts…my own father sold drugs, that’s why he was never around. My mother raised me, and I have to say, being where I am in life (a working, successful college student in the process of completing his bachelor’s degree and making plans to continue his education)…I’m blessed to have made it this far. The thing is…you’re looking at your stats, but a) your stats are outdated (the MAJORITY of them are from 2004 or earlier, I’m going to need you to update those to about 2008 or newer because many of those numbers have decreased WORLDWIDE) and b) just because some people chose the wrong path doesn’t give you the right to dismiss all minorities as a whole. We’ve got a Black president (who, in all honesty, isn’t doing that well…but this never would have happened 30 years ago), a Hispanic Supreme Court justice, Asians all over the place…who am I missing…well, there’s a ton I’m missing but I’m not going to research any further because I have to go to work in the morning and don’t really have time to deal with this.

So, in the end, what I’m really trying to say is…Kanye had a taste too many of liquid courage and made a stupid decision. Does that give you the right to knock all minorities, including Jews and homosexuals? Absolutely not. Are you allowed to voice your opinion? If you so wish. Just don’t complain when you’re uprooted from your high horse by the forces of change.
Racism exists, and won’t ever go away. However, it can be dealt with in only one way: us minorities need to stop fighting, band together, and do the right thing. Only by doing that will we remove the grand scale of this problem. Sure, we’ll have a bunch of old geezers who will want to talk a lot about how horrible Mexicans/Black people/Hispanics/Jews/\gays\ are…but we’re all people, with opinions, views, and beliefs. We were brought together on this land to bring that together and do something good with it. If we use it for hate…well…we won’t be able to say a damn thing if, you know, God decides to pull a Katrina on the entire world one time and removes us. He put us here to exercise control over the animals (through fair and non-violent means) and to set things up for His kingdom. If you let hate get in the way of that, then the American Empire, let alone the world, is in a lot of danger.

#168 DeeJay on 08.16.10 at 11:16 pm

Kanye apologized. Taylor stopped PMSing about it and got over it. (Though, I must say, Taylor isn’t the same person she was a year ago…and I’m not liking the change. She’s much snobbier now. No bueno.) I suggest we do the same and focus more on making the world a better place and less on spreading hate.

#169 coop0309 on 09.06.10 at 3:42 am

why white people? why?

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