Kanye West: The New Apology.


The familiar, sky-blue font is there, but the usual, loud, hyperventilating, all-caps text is not.

Instead, last night on his blog, Kanye West gave the apology that, perhaps, fans and foes had wanted to hear all along.

Comparing himself to Gaylord “Greg” Focker, the luckless character played by Ben Stiller in the 2000 film, Meet the Parents, West admitted that, with his bum rush of the MTV Video Awards on Sunday, he’d “messed up everything.”

That was Taylor’s moment and I had no right in any way to take it from her. I am truly sorry.

Elegant and terse, where his original, much-derided “apology” was mouthy and glib, the remorseful statement may go a long way toward repairing West’s shattered image, particularly when coupled to his earlier, highly emotional appearance on the debut episode of The Jay Leno Show that same evening.

The same probably isn’t true, however, for the Twitterers who salted the artist with racist invective in the wake of his outburst. Perhaps the best we can hope for, in their case, is to never hear from their ilk again.

Not betting on it.



#1 Whne Giants Meet on 09.15.09 at 8:47 am

I saw his apology on Leno. While sincere I can’t help but think it was more a PR apology than a heartfelt one. The question about his mother, I think was uncalled for, since we all know how he feels about her. It was personal and unprofessional of Leno.

#2 tony606 on 09.15.09 at 9:46 am

Yeah, it was a stupid thing to do but I aint mad at him, it aint that serious. The girl will get over it, if anything its given her a lot of exposure, I’d never heard of the chick before this happened. She’s not bad looking either, Kanye and his girlfriend should invite her out to lunch or something, smooth things over, maybe they could seduce her into a threesome, you know, apology sex.

#3 kriz bell on 09.15.09 at 3:16 pm

i am so disappointed in the human race over all of this. frankly after looking at the few comments you were able to collect- an so many of these IDIOTS from near me in the Bay Area- my first thought is by calling them racist you are giving them too much credit! Reptilian is probably more likely- but consider the source too- one woman refers to herself as a bitch another guy thinks it’s cool to be murda something… they obviously have no concept of the battles for civil rights etc. our society is breeding a generation of moronic adolescents who feel entitled by God knows what- I am sad and afraid. It’s just never okay to talk to or about anybody like that- I was raised that behavior of that sort (the evil tweeting sprees) of behavior was never to be tolerated at home or anywhere else (no aiding and abetting racists in my mixed but mostly white home- even when it was Grandpa) KNOWING that God don’t like ugly. yuck. intolerable. raising a half Egyptian child in a world with little love for brown skin regardless of the vote- i’m just speechless.

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