Your Album’s Wack. I’m Not Too Crazy About Your Face, Either.

“Don’t be fooled: My face is real. The record is covering my body.”

I’m suddenly not too ashamed to admit that I used to do this before I knew it had a name: “Sleevefacing.” However, I did it with magazines instead of albums. (I wasn’t naked, either.)

Even today, every now and then, I stick a periodical in front of me piehole and strike a pose, just to be silly for the wife.

Aaah, memories.


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#1 funDiva Christy on 05.25.08 at 6:32 pm

Hilarious! A quick search found
which includes links to the flickr & facebook groups and youtube video instructions.

How fun! Too bad all my LPs are (hopefully) still in a box somewhere in my parents’ basement. I like the magazine idea too, methinks I’ll be searching for fun covers to borrow from the library 🙂

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