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The Tweet Heard ‘Round the World.


The day Michael Jackson died, it was a message on the social messaging service, Twitter, above, from TMZ head Harvey Levin that started the massive cascade of fear, grief, reminiscence, and adoration that ultimately swept the globe. Levin’s tweet, as Twitter messages are called, was a mere 77 characters in length, just a bit more than half the service’s maximum, 140 characters-per-message capacity. Rarely does such a small amount of text have such an immense, and rapid, effect.

Yet, whether in the death of a celebrity, or an uprising in a Middle eastern country—Twitter has been central, in terms of getting news out of that land, after their disrupted elections—the technology is making itself felt. In her new volume, The Twitter Book, co-written with O’Reilly Media founder Tim O’Reilly, Sarah Milstein talks about what Twitter is, how to get on it, and how to make it work for you. It’s a convenient to carry, easily-read book, just right for the neophyte, but with enough substance for power-users. Indeed, as the 21st person on the network—her boyfriend was an engineer with the young company—and a well-know consultant and author, Milstein definitely knows her stuff…and her Twitter.

Sarah Miltein is the guest today on my WBAI-NY / 99.5 FM radio show, NONFICTION, this afternoon, Friday, July 3rd, at 2 pm ET.

You can hear her ideas by tuning in at 2 pm. If you’re outside of the New York tri-state, check out our stream on the web. If you miss the live show, dig into our archives for up to 90 days after broadcast.

Thank You.

Media Assassin: One Year Old Today.

One year ago today, we published our very first post on MEDIA ASSASSIN.

Today, 528 later, I just want to warmly and richly thank all of you—whether you’ve read, subscribed to, commented on, blogrolled, linked to, trackbacked, forwarded, retweeted, or otherwise supported MEDIA ASSASSIN—for being part of this singular, amazing experience. We could not have done it without you.

Twitter Me This, Batman.

Twitter in a nutshell.

I finally bit the bullet and got a Twitter account. So, until I run the feed directly through MEDIA ASSASSIN and/or my Facebook page, please slip on over here, at http://twitter.com/harryallen, for 140-character bursts of staggering genius.

A Parting Glance.

“My boyfriend embezzled millions and is in jail! Guess I’ve made the transition from teen roles, fer sure!”

A joint submission from the “I Learn Something New Every Day” and “That’s Why Women Can’t Stand Men” Depts. of MEDIA ASSASSIN, above: Photo of actress Anne Hathaway, found during an unrelated search, linked to the web site of—get this—Sideboob.org.

Motto: “A whole new view on breasts!”

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“Wanna Come Up to My Apartment and See My Blog?”

Caught out there.

I get that the script is supposed to be a parody of the silly things twentysomethings say when they’re trying spread their DNA around. Still, I don’t know which statement in this Twix commercial is dumber:

1. “Frankly, I just feel like some politicians are completely out of touch with 99% of society.”

2. “Yeah…and it’s, like, the mainstream media’s fault.”


3. “Blogging? I LOVE blogging!”

I just know that these two are getting laid. And that they completely deserve each other.

Keeping Bloggers Best-Dressed

“Who stole my underwear?”

Though it’s currently out-of-stock and nearly two years old, I just go to glee every time I see this videoconferencer’s dream come true: The Business Bib.

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No G.

Margaret B. Jones Lies All
Margaret Seltzer: Liar, yes; fraud, affirmative…but sex symbol?

As you’ve perhaps noticed, our little MEDIA ASSASSIN YouTube, “Margaret B. Jones / Seltzer’s Lie-All Gangsta Video—Exposed!”, which debuted exactly ten days ago, with an accompanying breakdown of the imaginary memoirist’s tall tales, became something of a sensation, returning the blog’s highest page view numbers to date.

Thank you, everyone.

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The Devil Wears Payless: Anna Wintour’s Doppelganger Writes In

Twice as nice
Twice as nice: Somebody’s pretending they run VOGUE

Thought I’d show faithful MEDIA ASSASSIN readers something that came through here last month.

On April 10, I received this. You can click on and read it:

Tell us all about it…

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Tight Tees!: Kwame & Christine Bring Something Sexy for Spring!

Kwame-Christine tee (detail)

Thanks to Afro-American Pie for tipping me to the spring’s hottest tee (detail, above): A stylish little number, set off with mugshots of indicted Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff / paramour Christine Beatty, and tastefully finished with patter from the duo’s estimated 14,000 X-rated e-mail text messages. Sassy!

That’s…uh…(gulp)…more like it…

Midnight Meat Train revisited

Now, that’s how The Midnight Meat Train should have done it the first time. Count on the best movie poster site on the web, bar none—the Internet Movie Poster Awards (IMPA)—to bring the noise.

This post that you’re reading started its life as a mere addendum to the one above it, but it’s going to live out the rest of its days giving blogroll-worthy props to IMPA, the best place on the net to see today’s motion picture print advertising.

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