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Television Scientifically Designed to Generate Mass Black Hysteria, High Blood Pressure, and Cardiac Arrest

“Happy Mother’s Day!”

Most parents, no doubt, were shocked by this outrageous moment on May 20th’s The Dr. Phil Show, above. It takes place at “The Dr. Phil House,” during their “Brat Camp” episode, when an agitated and frustrated 10-year-old, Noah, unexpectedly slaps his mom, Wendy, loudly, across her face.

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Blackfish, Crows, Apes, and Uncle Remus: The Characters That Disney Would Rather You Forgot

“Keep it up an’ I’m cuttin’ yo’ throats!”
“Heh, heh…keep laffin’, lil’ white chillun…”: Uncle Remus and friends

You probably know that Disney, global makers of fine family entertainment, has a rich history of racist characters in its long legacy of films, TV shows, and other properties. But any list of the company’s nine most offensive creations, like this one from Cracked.com, that merely ranks Song of the South‘s “Uncle Remus,” above, at number 2 has got to be a doozy.

Coming Next in the Series: Harry Potter & the Order for a Bigger Rack

“Look what my wand did!”
Now you don’t, now you see ’em: The Potter posters

Marketing is an immensely subtle practice today, exerting its influence over narrower and narrower realms of sensory focus, but this is absurd: Apparently, Warner Bros. marketing execs for 2007’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix decided that, for the movie’s IMAX version poster, Emma Watson needed something witchcraft couldn’t give her 14-year-old character, Hermione Granger: Bigger boobs. Continue reading →

Make Room For Daddy.

Daddy on the couch movie
Unusual sighting: Monty (Idris Elba), a mechanic, fathers his brood

It’s a story told so rarely—as it is, for example, in Tyler Perry’s 2007 film, Daddy’s Little Girls, above—that it’s, for the most part, nonexistent: What are the travails, challenges, joys, and rewards of bringing up children, alone, as a Black male?

“Go to bed, kids!”In his new book, Bedtime Stories: Adventures in the Land of Single Fatherhood, suave literatus Trey Ellis grapples with the transformative experience of raising his daughter, Ava, 10, and son, Chet, 7, as a solo dad.

We’ll talk with him about his book on my WBAI-NY / 99.5 FM radio show, NONFICTION, this afternoon, Friday, June 13, 2 pm ET.

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“I’d rather have lots of breast milk than a million melons!”

Truly a big girl now.
Soon we’re gonna need a bigger couch: Eliza Robinson, 7, cozies up to mother, Veronica, for a tasty snack

Kids say the darndest things: The quote, above, comes from a 2005 UK documentary, Extraordinary Breastfeeding.

The 60-minute film features British women who’ve continued to suckle their young past the recommended age of 2 1/4, and some well into elementary school. Bethany Robinson, older daughter of Veronica, above, who prefers milk to melons, or even, as she says in one clip, mangoes, breastfed until age 5. Her sister, Eliza, above, is nearly 8.

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They Haven’t Reached Bottom Yet.

You expected something else?

That’s a T-shirt, above, being sold and distributed by Mike Norman, 63, proprietor of Mulligan’s Food & Spirits in Marietta GA.

The image is of children’s book character Curious George. Some may remember a caller to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, back in March, reporting that his twelve-year-old daughter had said Obama looks like the famed chimp. Must be in the air.

Onward, Plastic Soldiers.

Snake-Eyes gets mad biz…
Go no further: Snake-Eyes (Ray Park), from G.I. Joe (Summer 2009)

I wasn’t really a fan of the early ’80s cartoon series, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, on which an upcoming, live-action movie, above, will be based, but I loved the Hasbro action figures to death.

Lemme take that back: What I loved wasn’t the toys, per se, but the card art and copy. I would have happily collected the cards and given away the toys. If someone, today, sent me pristine copies of the cards from the early ’80’s, without the toys, I would rejoice. Continue reading →

Sex and the Single Slain Civil Rights Leader Survivor

Malcolm & Martin

Why, for the most part, have the ten children of both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. never married?

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Dag…Guess I Better Throw Out My Copy of The Cress Theory

Garcelle and kids

Former NYPD Blue star Garcelle Beauvais recently gave birth to healthy twin boys. She proudly appears with them on the cover of 57-year-old Black weekly, Jet, above.

According to Racialicious, however, the unusually light skin color of the Haitian-American actor’s offspring (her husband is white) seems to be annoying some people, to the site’s chagrin.

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That’s Sure is One Amazing Maze

So amazing…

Like mazes? Think you’re good at them? Then try these downloadable goodies on for size, tough guy.